Fashion And Comfort

Designer clothes, branded shoes with matching bags and shimmering jewelry are definitely the mark of fashion. There is something else that counts more other than this and that is the way you carry your personality. Wearing all these things will not make you a fashion conscious personality but wearing them the right way would definitely do so. There are many people who are not blessed with this ability and skill. While wearing expensive dresses and branded accessories, there is still something missing in them. There are others also who have the magic to turn everything into a worth seeing sight through the way they carry their stuff and it needs not to be branded and expensive all the time.

The trick is to be comfortable while opting for any sort of dressing and accessories. Be sure that this very product is in sync with your personality and you can demonstrate your persona in a far better light. Do follow the fashion but always consider your comfort first. You will always end up looking like some confused if you go for the products though they are expensive but to the total contrary of your personality and physique. What type of clothing goes with which type of accessories is the task to be mastered that will enhance every bit of your persona even if you are wearing something pretty ordinary.

The clothing should always be simple yet stylish. And the age factor does matter also. There are certain fashions that are to be followed at certain age of your life. There are certain colors that go very well with your complexion and there are some that render a very dull look. Try to mix and match the colors that are likely to accentuate your personality in the best possible manner. Analyze what type of dresses suit you the most and you look comfortable in them.

Jewelry should always be worn to enhance your personality rather than over shadowing it with extra glimmer and shine. Try to wear the items that accentuate your body parts in a pleasant way and always keep your jewelry in accordance with your dressing.

A shoe should always be chosen well as it solely depends on your comfort and shoe shape. The choice of a shoe pair can lend an abominable look to your entire outfit if it is in striking contrast with your attire. Comfort is the first thing when shopping your footwear. The choice of the fashion accessories like bags and head wear etc should also be made carefully.

You need not to buy expensive clothes and brands to look fashionable. You can accomplish this task by choosing the right outfits and accessories and carrying whatever you are wearing in an appropriate manner.

Target Markets of the Hand Bag Business

Have to try shopping online? Take a look at the products being promoted in there. Take note that there are a lot of gadgets and fashion items being sold in there. Well, we know very well that the fashion world is one of the fast changing, versatile, and trendy sections in the society. The trends of clothing and accessories vary every season of the year.

There are a lot of businesses and shops around which is in line of fashion trends. Hand bag, for example, is one of the most specific businesses in line with fashion. However, we might wonder about the target market of these hand bag products. Well, we might think there is minimal number of target consumers. However, if you notice the kinds of business in hype today, most of the consumers prefer specific, personalized, and detail-oriented goods. This article will be dealing more about the basic market for hand bags and the prospect market it is trying to penetrate.

Women of all ages are one of the targets. Women are known to have a great inclination to fashion and they think of everything that is color coordinated. What they wear should match with their shoes and their bags. Well, for those who have more in life if they shop for a particular colored dress, they also shop for matching shoes and bags with the same color as the dress so that it will be color-coordinated. The market for hand bag relatively increased as the fashion world busts to the maximum of promotion and advertisements. Thus, keeping your hand bags advertised will really do you good.

If we cannot go directly to the consumers, we can target the distributors and dealers around. We can offer them great discounts and freebies if they will tie up with us. In the same account, they will promote our product, at the same time we promote their product as well. This is one way for us to be known and to have some kinds of connection. At some point, we consider it a healthy competition since there are times where their products are out of stock and they have to get ours, and some of their products are what we need. It is a give and take relationship.

On the other hand, aside from reaching the higher market, we could also target the small scale ones. The masses are also one of the target markets that could bring us maximum profit. It is not just for the elite. The masses can purchase hand bags if they want to. The designs should not be limited to those who have more in life, since everyone has an equal right to purchase any goods or product they want. Masses can be a very huge target market that could expand and expand as long as they are satisfied with the product.

These are just some of the target markets of hand bag business. There are other sectors that can be considered though these are the basic ones who contribute most in the sudden boost of the handbag market.

Learning From W. D. Gann – Trend Line Indicator

Many novice traders really like to complicate their trading.

In the beginning, they usually trade on tips from friends or workmates, or something they heard or read in the news.

If they survive the hit they will likely receive to their capital, they may soon come to discover technical analysis as a better way to get a read on price action.

However, often their beginning foray into technical analysis is to lock onto some common charting indicator such as the Stochastic and think they have found the Holy Grail to wealth. Unfortunately that bubble will soon burst when they realize that this and any other indicator only works during certain times and with some adjustment to the parameters.

If this happens to sound like you, and you are still in the game (I know, this is not a game. It’s a figure of speech), then there is hope for you yet. Let me introduce you to W. D. Gann’s “Trend Line Indicator”, which today might be referred to as the Swing Chart.

No matter what market you wish to trade, there are going to be a series of swing bottoms and swing tops that form trends of various degrees. These swing patterns occur on any time-frame, and they are the basic components in determining whether a market is in a bull or bear trend.

The Trend Line Indicator, or Swing Chart comes in several varieties. You can construct a 1-bar, 2-bar or 3-bar swing (I would not bother going beyond this).

The 1-bar swing chart is extremely short-term and is good for fine-tuning an entry. However, for the purpose of determining the trend of any consequence, the 2-bar swing would be my recommendation. In addition, it would not hurt to get the bigger trend picture by constructing a 3-bar swing chart as well.

To construct the 2-bar swing chart is quite simple. Starting from a clearly defined bottom or top, you would draw your swing line (Trend Line Indicator) either up for each new high (starting with the second consecutive higher-high) or down for each new low (starting with the second consecutive lower-low). To demonstrate, let’s start from a clearly defined bottom to draw our 2-bar swing chart line.

With a 2-bar swing chart, we need at least two higher-highs in order to advance our line up to that new high on the chart. So let’s say our starting bar (with the bottom low) is bar #1. The next bar (#2) makes a higher-high but not a lower-low. Our higher-high count is just one, so we do not yet move up our swing (trend) line. Now bar #3 also makes a higher-high and our #1 bar low is still holding. Therefore, we can move our line up to the new high of bar #3.

As each new bar makes a higher-high, we can continue to move our line up to that new high. If a following bar then makes a lower-high and lower-low, our line does not move up and our down count is one. If price resumes the upside move and makes another higher-high than our current highest high (that would be bar #3 in this example), our line would continue up to that new high, and every higher-high until we actually get two lower-lows to change the line direction.

So let’s say that after we’ve been moving our swing line up to each new high that we get a lower-low bar instead. Let’s call this bar #5. If we have been moving the line up to each new high prior to this new lower-low, our lower-low count starts at one. If we get a bar (#6) that makes an even lower-low than the low of bar #5 before another bar makes and even higher-high than bar #4 (which was the last higher-high bar where the line moved up to), our lower-low count becomes two and we would move the line down from the last higher-high (bar #4) down to the low of bar #6. Now for each bar that makes a lower-low than the low where our line is currently sitting (currently bar #6), we would move the line down to that new lower-low.

The bottom-line here (no pun intended) is that we need a count of two higher-highs to start a move up or a count of two lower-lows to start a move down. Once the count has been met, we then could continue in that direction for each bar that exceeds the price where the line is currently sitting.

There are times when a bar makes neither a higher-high or lower-low (called an Inside Bar, or a “within bar” by W. D. Gann). Since they make neither a higher-high or lower-low, do nothing. The line stays put.

There are also times when a bar makes both a higher-high and lower-low (remember that we are comparing each price bar against the previous bar to determine if it is a higher-high or lower-low). This bar is called an Outside Bar. To deal with these bars depends on the currently direction the line has been moving. If the line has been moving to each new higher-high, then you would again advance the line to the new high of this outside bar. On the other hand if the line has been moving down for each new lower-low, you would move the line down to the low of the new lower-low of this outside bar.

The thing to note about Outside bars is that, although you will be advancing your line up or down (depending on the current direction of your line drawing), you must count the opposite side of the Outside bar as a count of one in the opposite direction. Thus, if price then goes the opposite way and exceeds the opposite side of the outside bar, the count becomes two in the opposing direction and the line should then move from the outside (where it is currently sitting) to the bar that made the count of two.

For example, let’s say that we have been moving the line down to each new lower-low (thus the direction is currently down). Then an outside bar forms making both a lower-low (lower than where our line is currently sitting) and a higher-high (higher than previous bar). Since our direction leading up to this outside bar was down, we move our line down to the low of the outside bar (since it is in fact a lower-low). We also want to assign the higher-high of this outside bar with the count of one. Now if the next bar makes a higher-high than our outside bar, the count goes to two and the line moves from the low of the outside bar up to the new higher-high.

After you have done this with your price chart, you will see the peaks that represent the swing tops and bottoms. You will use these peaks to determine the current trend of the market.

For example, a bull trend is a pattern of higher swing bottoms. As long as the market forms each swing bottom peak higher than the last, the bull trend is in effect. On the other hand, the bear trend pattern is made up of lower swing tops and lower swing bottoms. So by nothing where these swing bottoms or tops are forming in relation to the previous one, you immediately can determine the current trend.

W. D. Gann has stated that when the high of a 2-bar swing top has been exceeded, it is an indication of higher prices. He also stated that when the low of a 2-bar swing bottom is taken out, it is an indication of lower prices.

Not only should the trader focus on trading in the direction of the trend, but those swings can also help in determining where to adjust stop-loss orders. For example, if you are long due to the trend being bullish, moving your stop-loss below each higher swing bottom would protect your position in the event a swing bottom low is taken out (as this is an indication of lower prices to come).

Of course these days it can be leaving a lot on the table to use these 2-bar swings for stop-loss orders. Consider this a beginning guideline. One option I may employ is to draw a trend-line under two or more swing bottoms (when long) or across two or more swing tops (when short) and use the slope of that trend-line as a guide for adjusting my stop-loss.

Learning how to identify swing tops and bottoms is a valuable tool for any trader that wants to get a good read on the market. It is mentioned in several lessons by W. D. Gann because it is really that important. In my work, everything revolves around the swings.

Teenage Fashion

Teenagers today are lucky to have all the options they have out there for them. A lot of past generations never thought that in their puberty years they could count with the vast variety of clothing you can see now. It is such a big category, that not only specialized boutiques, but also famous department stores and fashion chains like Gap and Old Navy have an area specifically made for these young future fashionistas.

The most fun part of all results that since there are so many loose pieces, teenagers can combine them with whatever they choose to for creating a unique and particular style. This summer, mini skirts and shorts are ideal to combine with shirts in vibrant color graphics or solids. It is also practical to wear fabrics like cotton, linen or jersey because of the warm weather.

The first day of school is always the perfect excuse to go shopping for a new closet full of new styles that everyone at school will want to borrow or at least ask where it is from. It is the first time friends will see each other after a whole summer so it is important to give a good impression. Some of the basic rules are:

Keep it simple

Be trendy but don’t go overboard.

The first thing to wear should be confidence.

Teenagers today have the same look that adults are offered but in different colors and lengths, this way, they don’t feel left apart as young women, after all, that is exactly what they are. Their styles should be fresh and funky, like an adaptation of the original but cooler. One important advice is that trends are always good in moderation, famous teenagers are always on everyone’s eye for either criticizing or other teenagers to want to follow their footsteps, what they wear is really important since every girl wants to be like them. Fashion is like a mood ring, girls should always wear what they want and what they feel comfortable with.

Maybe the most entertaining part of playing with fashion at a young age is the wide range of accessories available; handmade thread bracelets or leather cuff bracelets can bring that special touch to each outfit. Sandals, sneakers or flip flops are also an important factor for a different look. There are so many selections to choose from in shoe styles that each and every one of them can make the same outfit seem different. Teenagers should never limit themselves to traditional combinations; they can be adventurous and find their own personal style so they never have to wear what everyone else is wearing. Teenager is the age to look for their true look.

Teenage boys can’t be forgotten, for them it is easier than for girls, they just take the trendiest jeans and pair them up with a nice logo tee and they are off to school. The important part of for the fashionable girl to tell them they look good.

Drastic Change in Indian Fashion Industry

India is a country with having different religions,customs and culture. Peoples of various tradition and culture live in India and there way of dressing also differ from each other. The taste of fashion is differ among people to people..

After the independence, Indian Fashion Industry change drastically in the style of Indian dressing. Styles of wearing sarees and salwar kameez have changed. Even the blouse customization changes a lot. At early periods, women were used to wear a full sleeves blouse of cotton fabrics with no designing at all. Now a days, different styles of blouses like halter-neck, Lycra fitted blouse, Puffed sleeves blouse, deep neck blouses are running in fashion. Even the length of blouse decreased as per to the average length of blouse.

The main influence of Fashion is due to the evolution of Indian Cinema.Indian Fashion Industry is greatly influence by bollywood films. For Example,”Mumtaj Style Saree” – The sari drapped tightly around the body.

As Far salwar kameez is concerened numerous style and patterns can be given to salwar kameez. Even the style of drapping dupattas has been changes a lot.

Modern Version Of Kameez of Salwar is “Kurti” sometime said as “Kurta” (the long Kurti). It has taken the form of indo-western outfits.Peoples in western coutries too have started wearing Kurtis. It is a comfortable outfit and can be wear on jeans, trouser and also on the capris. It is most familiar and wearable in the youth age group (15-28). The designing in Kurtis are in great fashion this days. The most advance form of kurtis is “Ponchu”.

All About Chef Uniforms Traditional and Latest Styles and Fashions

One very instantly recognizable uniform is the chef’s uniform. The distinct chefs hat or toque, double breasted jacket and checkered trousers are easily identifiable and with the recent popularity in celebrity TV chefs, the recognizability has been pushed even further. One most distinct way of identifying a chef is by the toque or chefs hat. Even with varying colors or patterns of trousers and jackets, the hat is the single most distinguishing feature.

While no strict or stringent rules exist for the uniforms worn by chefs, a few common articles of clothing which serve several purposes are constant. The most widely used colors and textures are a pure white double breasted jacket and a checkered pattern, also known as hounds-tooth, for the trousers. The toque is always white and has always remained this way. One other important article of the uniform is the apron. The apron prevents stains of the chefs uniform from food splatters or spills.

The chefs uniforms are not there merely for show, however. They also serve to protect the wearer and also, in some cases, display rank. The double breasted jacket is made of very thick fabric that protects the chef from the high heat of the stoves that he works with. The long sleeves also protect from splattering of hot oil or the spills of hot liquids.

The jacket itself is reversible so that it can quickly be changed over to hide major spills or stains. The buttons on the jacket were traditionally made out of knotted cloth. This rendered the buttons more robust and capable of withstanding numerous washing cycles. This would also serve to prevent plastic buttons from melting or disfiguring for the heat. The checkered hounds-tooth chefs trousers were useful in hiding minor stains because of their capability of camouflaging minor stains. As with the jackets, the trousers are also made to withstand heat and flame.

The chefs hat or toque is used to denote the rank of the chef. This is signified by the height of the hat itself. Another interesting feature of the chefs hat is the number of pleats it has. Supposed to denote how many ways a chef can cook an egg, the pleats on the toque usually number one hundred.

Some chefs have personalized their chefs uniforms by adding colors and patterns or changes in design. Traditionally, however, the chefs uniforms traditional white and patterned are widely used and accepted the world over.

Becoming Fashion Slaves

All women remember since they are young their mothers always telling them to have their hair brushed, to wear clean undergarments, to wear a little lip gloss. The ballet teacher will always complain about your posture or a little love handle here and there. The fashion industry also has its ugly face, sarcastically because of the “perfect” women seen in television and runways worldwide. It is a world where the stress and pressure to remain thin reigns so much that even little girls as young as 5 years old are starting to worry about their bodies and becoming fashion slaves.

Fashion dictates an aesthetic very difficult to achieve, especially for the younger generation. Some models are extremely skinny, some in an unhealthy state, and the younger girls believe that this is how they have to look, because these are the women they look up to and the women who sell the clothes that they want to wear. At an early age, every woman learns that to be successful in love or work; makeup, fashion and beauty always play a main role, but limits exist.

Some girls envision that being skinny is the same as being beautiful and this is the greatest misconception in this industry leading to mental and eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. Beauty is skin deep, a beautiful body is not precisely the fit and skinny one, and teenagers for example are always making fun of the “fat” girls at school.

Some advertising campaigns have tried to help this social problem by implementing real women in their ads for the consumer to consider the product even more just by confirming that you don’t have to be as perfect as the models that were associated with it before. Also, some designers and runway producers are implementing weight restrictions for models to appear on their shows, showing that they are healthy, since this has been some of the biggest polemic in the industry for the past years.

These dilemmas not only relate to the runway, it can also translate to a regular shopping day, not all clothing lines count with bigger sizes for regular bodies and this is a great downer for a girls shopping day out when you have skinnier friends who can fit in any mini skirt or tight dress. Clothing should adapt to people, not people to clothes because then, comfort plays a huge part on the depressing and mental problems this person can go through due to mental overweight issues.

It is true that the female image is used to sell everything, but it is important to know that these models selling the clothes are not perfect, it is a profession and their pictures get retouched and manipulated to accomplish the perfect form and figure. Health is not measured in numbers, being a size 14 is a reality in our population, but we can sometimes confuse being skinny with being healthy. You should always be yourself and quit being a fashion slave.

Women Fashion Dresses – Huge Variety for Different Occasions

Cocktails and Black Tie Invitations

Conservative cocktail dresses make right sense for women invited for a cocktail party or a black tie evening party. Long evening gowns and women’s satin dresses help women to get fully involved at these parties.

Prom Night

You need to have the most exclusive entry to a prom night. Prom dresses are designed to help you score high in the crowd. The dresses with long sleeves and bubble prom dresses are some of the best dresses for the occasion. An A-line prom dress with no particular waistline is also a good choice for the occasion. And of course, there is no match to a halter prom dress.

Casual Outdoors

You can look fashionable for casual gatherings with friends as well. An amazingly designed sundress should help you in the same. There are varieties with very low necklines and short hemlines that help you adopt that attention-grabbing look. Wear them on shopping or for having lunch at an upscale restaurant to reflect your fashion sense.

Festival Dresses

The dresses you wear on different festive occasions should reflect your joy and happiness. A silk blouse in red with a black skirt for example can help you display your festive spirit. And it is a great way to look fashionable as well.

Workplace Dresses

The dresses for working women don’t need to be purely formal these days. There are fashion suits available for women to look fashionable and stylish at workplaces.

While choosing dresses for any other above-mentioned occasion, show concern in choosing the right color. Also, make sure that the dress you choose is the perfect match for your body statistics. A fashion dress should enhance your looks and make you look adorable and attractive.

Women’s Sleepwear Speaks About Fashion Statement

Women’s sleep wear are also called nightdress, nightclothes, or nightwear. It is a clothing created for sleeping purposes. It is worn by women who really feel comfortable with it because some would rather prefer to sleep naked or only in a particular type of underwear. The type of nightwear being may also depend on the season. Take for instance; some women are wearing nightdresses only on winter. But now, using it is another way of following the latest trends in fashion.

There are several types of women’s sleep wear and each has specific features that will cater into the different preferences, styles, and needs of every women. Take enough time in educating yourself with various styles and get inspiration from its different looks and appeal so that you can create your own fashion statement.

– A night wear which is really intended for women is a babydoll, popularly known as negligee or short nightgown. The garment is usually trimmed with ruffles, lace, appliqués, ribbons, bows, and Marabou fur which can be designed optionally with spaghetti straps. The materials used are either translucent fabrics (silk, chiffon, or nylon) or sheer. A babydoll is considered a provocative dress resembling minidresses which have six inches hemline above the knees and hollow designs on the necks.

– The most popular loosely designed night apparel for women is a nightgown or nightie which is made of materials such as nylon, satin, silk, and cotton. Its length may vary. It can either be a hip-length or a floor length nightgown. However the usual length is knee length. A nightgown can be decorated with embroidery and lace appliqués on the hemlines and cups.

– The women’s sleep wear which is only intended for bedroom and night use is the negligee. It was introduced during the eighteenth century in France where it copied the designs of the day dresses of women that time. However, the alteration of its designs with lace trimming, bows, and translucent bodices lead in considering it as lingerie. The modern designs revealed fabrics sewn in multiple layers giving a more fine emphasis on women’s bed-capes and bedjackets.

– The simple garment worn by women next to their skin to protect their clothes from body oils and sweat is called chemise, shift or smock.

– Lingerie is a women’s sleepwear which is now considered as undergarments.

– The special type of shirt which can be used for sleeping is called a nightshirt. This is a bedtime garment patterned in the undergarments of Europeans during the nineteenth century.

– The type of a long nightgown that is usually chiffon made with a sheer design is referred to as peignoir. It is worn without underwear however it is usually sold with panties attached to it.

Today, women’s sleepwear continuously dominates the fashion preferences of most women. Some women wear it on public to express their idea that these comfortable sleep dresses could be elevated for legal public use. There are women, who also experimented in using it together with their denim shirts, jeans, sweaters, and blazers.

The versatility of sleepwear truly opens the creative horizons of women. Sleepwear is not anymore for indoor or bedroom use only. It can be a beautiful outer wear which can be worn with or without accompaniments. Women will really feel sexy, cute, and comfortable besides fashion is also a matter of confidence for them.

The New Trendy Army Style

There is nothing new about the army style being presented on the catwalk and then being adapted to the casual articles of clothing. The first such appearance can be related to the 70s, when Yves Saint Laurent brought the army style into everyone’s attention. This style has become more and more popular ever since, although it could be oriented towards a single professional area. However, most of the outfits only keep a few elements from the original outfits or uniforms.

Here area few things about why this army style is so highly appreciated. The specialists in fashion give more reasons for this. First of all, this is a trend and it is very impressive. People seem to feel more protected when wearing military jackets and they feel safer. This is not about a sort of fashion which is only addressed to women. It is rather a fashion style which is addressed to the masses.

The army style combines the hardcore elements with the soft ones and it combine the feminine touch with the masculine one. There are different details and feminine elements which lead to a very attractive result and which fit modern people.

There are also voices which claim that this style is a very practical one, which is what makes it so popular and appreciated. The clothes following this style have a lot of pockets and there are more and more women who have to keep their phones and their keys close. Also, the colours are very attractive and they succeed in fitting most of the silhouettes and most of the constitutions in the world.

There are all kinds of military clothes today, from tops to pants, from skirts to dresses, all these pieces of clothing being just as successful.