Socially Conscious Fashion Designs With Meaning – Is There Room On The All Over Pattern Design?

There is a simple formula to creating a new urban fashion t-shirt collection. Take one white t-shirt, mix with one logo, add clashing colors and print all over to taste. Repeat to order. Does it work? Yes. Does it satisfy? Debatable.

There was once a time when fashion had a voice and when your skin cried out for expression, it was met with the soothing comfort of bold, sometimes rebellious, occasionally irreverent – fashion with purpose, meaning and poise. A time when your fashion wardrobe was equipped with statements ready made on demand. More importantly, statements no one else was making. I bet you can remember such a time.

When did we all become fashion clones? When did it become taboo to steer away from the herd, get off the bandwagon, stick out of the crowd, stick it to the man, be different, be unique, be true, be real or quite simply – just stand out and make a statement? Whatever happened to meaning in creative fashion design?

But is there room for meaning in fashion? Is there a role for fashion to play in allowing people to connect with issues, connect with themselves, show awareness and sow the seeds for change? I believe there is and there is a quiet movement in consumer awareness that offers encouragement for such a stance.

Mainstream fashion labels are starting to make socially conscious fashion lines with benefit t-shirt collections around the globe. Fashion philanthropy is making a comeback. The market niche that is the socially conscious consumer is a very powerful one. Now whether it’s for the fad or maybe for the finance, the big players are starting to show recognition of the power of socially conscious fashion. For my part, I hope it’s for the fashion.

Why Would A Doctor Need To Re-Break Your Bone?

If you hear your doctor say that he needs to re-break your bones, what would you feel? You may feel confused and scared because in most cases, bones need to be treated and not broken by a physician. However, you did not hear the doctor incorrectly. He is in fact telling you that he needs to break your bones so that he can proceed with the treatment. If you want to know why it has to be done, then you are on the right page! This article will tell you just why this procedure is needed.

Here’s the thing. The term used is “re-break.” This means that the doctor is going to break again a bone that has previously been broken before. In a more technical term, this is referred to as fracture reduction or resetting. It is the procedure that aims to restore and align correctly the broken bones.

The first and main reason why re-breaking is necessary is that the bones heal incorrectly sometimes. When your bones break, they become deformed. When they heal by themselves, they are still deformed and this condition may have some problems. First, bone deformity can affect how you move. You may not be able to move as freely as before if some of your bones are not aligned correctly. Second, bone deformity is not visually pleasing. It does not look good therefore a lot of people undergo resetting of the bones.

There are two types reduction method. The first method is the open reduction. This usually does not involve re-breaking because the fracture is still fresh. This is a condition wherein the broken bones cut the skin and are exposed. It could also mean that the surgeon exposed the bone to better dissect the tissues affected by the fracture. The second type is the closed reduction. In this procedure, the bones are not exposed in the air. The skin may be cut but the bones remain hidden beneath.

After the re-breaking of your bone, your doctor will proceed to aligning the bones so that when they heal, they will heal in the right manner and position. Painkillers and sedatives will be given in order for you not to feel the pain so much. After the whole procedure, your doctor may either use implants or casts. For bone fractures that are quite severe, implants may be necessary to add internally to hold the bones together. However, if the bones were just slightly fractured and can heal by themselves effectively, casts and tractions are enough.

Always listen to your doctor about what is best for your condition. They know exactly what you need. Do not be afraid to ask questions if you have worries about the procedure. For more information about healthy bones, consult your doctor, osteopath or physiotherapist.

Versatile Fashion in Bridesmaid Dresses

Re-wearable versatile fashion is considered in fashion for a dress made suitable for other occasions. It is a hard fact that formal wedding party dresses, formal short dresses, bridesmaid dresses and bridal gowns are expensive and getting one for the next cocktail can make you change your mind. How about the idea of having a bridesmaid dress most ideally suiting other occasions? Such dresses are made more versatile with the freedom of going more unconventional in styling.

The season brings with it newer trends that are always asked for with the inclination of wearing them again but looking into traditional fashion for bridesmaid, they are known to be the one with puffed sleeves made out of taffeta. Drifting from this style of fashion, there are adaptable designs for 2012 fall wedding collection and dresses for bridesmaid are made useful for Prom and other formal occasions. Getting into the unconventional adaptable fashion, dresses are made to be worn in different ways to have different neckline and length, thus making them re-usable.

Looking into versatile fashion there are the dynamic drapes, the one shouldered designer wedding bridesmaid dresses, more formal short dresses and the bridesmaid separates that translate formal fashion to its best. Bridesmaid separates go way ahead in fashion with separate bodice complimenting an altogether very formal skirt. These come in contrasting colors, making them very desirable for other occasions. Bridesmaid separate features halter back strap dress in black with shimmer satin sheath style skirt in blue ideal for a wedding and can then substitute other formal events in near future. This makes any dress very resourceful to be worn at a reunion of friends or happening cocktail parties. More in bridesmaid separates are the Basque waist cut bodices complimenting A-line full length gowns and a satin ribbon to complete the look. Both the top and the skirt are re-wearable styles.

Choose from summer wedding flexible styles in black and platinum hues, floral print cotton pique strapless dresses, sweetheart bodice with bubble hem short length dresses and all flattering silhouettes in longer lengths. Similarly beautiful and versatile is the slim Charmeuse dress with chiffon detailing, classic styles in ivory-black two tone attires and tie-on back in black sash flexible designs for bridesmaids.

Just get into the trend with added versatility with bridesmaid fashion that has arrived with new vigor bringing in varied styles innovated for good for best after-use of dresses for bridesmaid.

The Fashionable Choice in Winter: Sweaters for Women

The sweater is an immortal part of women’s wardrobe in winter. The sweaters of new designs are not only warm but also very fashionable to build various stylish looks with more and more creative printings and cuttings. And the sweaters have more and more creative and bold colors too. In the daily life, we all can see cute winter sweaters for women can be worn with almost anything from jeans, dresses, shorts, and coats in fall and winter. They have What is the magic of this kind of outfit exactly? This article is telling you with the pairing tips for all kinds of sweaters of latest trending designs.

The latest fashion shows the trend of contrast color winter sweater for women is going to be a great hit in 2017 winter and 2018 spring. Whether you wear it as a bottom wear or wear it outside, both could create nice looks. And the round collar is very lovely that brings a suitable feel. Plus the thickness of best winter sweater for women in winter and spring, you can be warm and eye-catching with just one piece of clothing.

The patchwork design gives you your own style. With the comfortable soft stretchy wool fabrics, the oversized knit sweaters for women will give out a coordinated high-quality visual effect. The combination of the harmonious colors in the long sleeve cuffs and collar echoes with each other perfectly. This kind of loose and casual knit sweaters of contrast colors is leading the creative fashion trend.

Under most of the occasions, women can pair an inexpensive but good-quality sexy sweater with any dress. When the sexy tight sweater has the vintage edge ruffle cuffs and the ruffle round collar, your retro temperament will be highlighted totally. If you are a fan of the retro style, this kind of women’s sweater is your nice choice totally. The texture of knitting enables you to try more collocation ways too. Pick up a dress of any kind plus a pair of solid color boots, a sweet look for dating is shown!

There is one thing that is able to save your effort to figure out the sweater to pair with your dress: plus size sweater dress. Pair it with a woolen overcoat, you will feel super warm and create the most feminine dressing style. The most fashionable ladies always wear a pair of high heels for this look, but if you not a fan of high heels, just a pair of casual ankle boots matching your black plus size sweater dress is stylish enough. Gonna emphasize the split cutting in the sexy sweater dress, which is quite special in warm winter sweaters for women.

Hip Hop Culture and the Rise of Bling

Hip Hop culture has added a variety of terms, fashion trends, music styles and even personalities to the culture at large. Nothing has captured public interest more than “Bling.” The late 1990’s first saw “Bing” come into the general vocabulary. Bling, originally used in several different rap songs of the time, was coined to describe elaborate jewelry and personal accessories that show that the wearer has taste, talent, and lots of cash.

Hip Hop culture has had a tremendous impact on fashion in general, well beyond the world of Hip Hop. Much of what is “cool” today originally derived from the world of Hip Hop. Jewelry has been particularly impacted by Hip Hop.

Bling is now more commonly used to refer specifically to flashy types of jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, watches, body jewelry, rings and grillz (braces and caps for the teeth). Of course it can also include other accessories such as cell phones or even jeweled glasses or purses. Bling is commonly associated with diamonds and other precious gems, and precious metal such as gold and platinum. This term has become so universally accepted it was actually added to Webster’s Dictionary in 2002.

Hip Hop has made ornate jewelry as prevalent for men as for women. The popularity of Hip Hop culture and bling has drawn a lot more attention to larger pieces of jewelry that are selected to become the center of focus, not to just add to the overall outfit. Hip Hop artists can be seen on music videos sporting huge link chains in gold and platinum with large diamond and gem-encrusted pendants. The designs are specifically designed for men, with heavier weight and larger scale.

Bling is big, bling is flashy, and bling is meant to impress. It is meant to symbolize success. The use of various symbols including dollar signs, ornate crosses and other religious symbols, gambling symbols, and even different breeds of dogs and animals are all popular within the Hip Hop jewelry world.

Bracelets and necklaces tend to be very large link or dog collar-type chains, however solid bracelets are also very popular for both men and women. Rings tend to be chunky, wide, and feature multiple small diamond chips or several larger diamonds, either real diamonds or cubic zirconia, depending on your budget, in elaborate patterns and designs. There is a general sense of more is better with regards to wearing Bling. Rarely will you find any piece being worn alone. More typically, pieces are worn in multiples.

Jewelry designers outside the Hip Hop world have integrated the concepts of large, heavy, and flashy elements into their own jewelry lines. Over the last ten years jewelry styles have definitely been impacted by the Bling style, becoming larger, bulkier, and more ornate. You can now find Bling-style jewelry everywhere from fine jewelry designers to department stores. Available Bling jewelry ranges from the high-end, in gold and platinum with genuine gem,s to the more affordable, in sterling silver with simulated gems. Today, everyone can sport a little Bling.

Boho Fashionista, A Chic Style Statement

Tramp Boho style has been promoted and styled for several years. It included eccentric styles of life and its natural plans meeting with rich society. It was endearingly loved by youngsters who had confidence in development, free spirit and inventiveness. The term bohemian has no definition yet only an ingenious craftsmanship “what you wear to look different, not the same as others”. Bohemian style apparel, diverse and tribal, enthusiastically sentimental and down to earth, a stunning array and exotic blend of easy going vogue chic, incredibly street smart, and a blend of the bohemian shy flower child with a vintage look.

Bohemian is a beautiful instrument for new experiences such that you have not imagined. Boho Chic design styles wait on loose fitting long skirts, flowy tops and dresses that are embroidered and embellished with lace and are amazingly random in design.

Charming bohemian gypsy skirt adorned with hand embroidery, subtle blend of hues, forward and backward uneven hemlines, silver sequins work, flower print and paisley outlines, tiered and tie dye styles. Extremely relaxed and comfortable, cool, cottons delicate and rich woven fabric. It can be styled with various prints, vivid strap tops like tunics which gives an incredible look and a vagabond vogue fashionista style.

Beauteous lush interwoven skirts created with patchwork texture fabrics arranged geometrically in various hues. These layered skirts enhanced with amazing designs, patch work and lacework are a must have. These skirts give an extraordinary deep look to individual boho fashion style. The material is really extremely breathable, ethnic and lightweight. Versatile elastic waist is exceptionally comfortable and easy to wear.

Sing along with fashion that takes you beyond normal and regular styles, the bold and beautiful you, the bohemian fashioinista. Strappy tops and long flowing skirts, embroidered tunics, embellished and hand embroidered kaftans, the passion for fashion that styles the free spirit, bohemian clothing takes you to the realms of the designer styles from all over the world.

Peasant styled tunics and loose harem pants with patterns of mandalas and peacocks, tie dyed colors and bold prints with smocked waists, wear low on the waist or high, fashion with tanks or loose tunics,you just cannot go wrong with boho chic. Wrap skirts made from saris and Indian prints in jewel tones, wear as a dress or a skirt, on the beach or as an evening dress, a cover up or cruise dress, soft and silky, double layered and reversible, a beauteous style statement.

Fashion up, style down, come explore prints and fabrics that are happy and in harmony with mother earth.

Denim in Vintage Look

Right from the days of the original gold miners till present times, Denim continues to be the fashion staple and world would come to a halt without it as stated by international fashion world. Denim trends are undergoing steady changes globally today, some extremely different resulting in an assortment of designs, purposes and certainly the inspiration. Denim has excelled the boundaries still one thing presently regulates Denim world a calling to its origins, designs motivated by hard-wearing work clothes.

Based on the state of the art techniques of finishing, latest dying processes and obvious styling has continuously raised the attractiveness of Denims. Most specifically, the Sulphur dyeing methods with emphasis on necessary chemical washes and mechanical techniques of which the forbearers certainly are acid washes, dirty washes, some sand washes, whickering and tear and repair techniques.

Generally the shapes are straight legged in Europe but still the accents of cigarette jeans of the bye-gone years are found. This tapered shape results in fabrics made of varying combinations of cotton, polyester and elastane. The unisex sharing of definite trends much in fashion prominently emphasized front and back pockets in special, specific treatments above the front pockets at the waist hem along with an overall focus on the upper half of the garment. The absolute motive behind is roughness, primitive looks and the attitude some how declaring the careless feeling about what the world thinks about the worn-out or the ragged look. Of course the latest fashion is for finishing that produces white line appearing to be the wrinkles near the fork and on the thighs and at times even on the knees.

The lot of patches that creates tussle in women, back pockets strangely stitched with some headwork and even some torn peripheries. The latest popular are the cropped jeans particularly liked with turned up hem with appealing button plackets at the side seam hems. Unlike thick stem stitching is gradually hinted at like in the denim dungarees 100% styled with prominence on front side hips.

This is the addition of the same story though in more of an extreme. However, the vintage washed or dirty colored or even faded jeans are in more demand in addition to the look as if one just came off the farming field, torn patches with frayed edges, buttons pockets, the old style of whiskering with prominence on knee and upper thighs and even grease stains type random finishing. Evenness is totally forgotten, out of two back pockets one is embroidered while the other is plain, on one leg the torn effect is given – abrasion techniques resulting in intention pilling, and ripped jeans with slight print patch pockets. The disobedient moods is more encouraged by embroidered back pockets having the logos like sea dragons and pirates along with suggestions of restrained riveting reserved for future.

The US markets talks about the combination; quite a different story with definite suggestions of the European Markets. Nevertheless, the majority of the American women prefer the slight flare at the bottom while the skin fit jeans known as the drainpipe are gradually crawling behind as the next preferred. America is truly the melting pot. Overall fashion of tapered shape is continuously increasing. This is because of the stretch tendency; curve hugging jeans with the higher rise although the collection of the low rises just cannot be totally ignored.

The composition of the cotton with spandex or elastane though not very frequent, best branded jeans in this section swank of crosshatched weaving that flattens the tummy yet are the straight cut loose through the top for a slouch fit-tilted rise which helps eradicate the waistline gaps and provides additional coverage at the back. Like Europe, the fashion on the hip pockets also exists of course at the lower than jeans original levels. Faded front patch pockets have overlapped edges and partly attached belts that tie up have embroidery.

Abrasions on the thighs and knees is seen, and zip fly’s with button closures are ‘of the moment’ while straight leg styling, when seen, is cut close from the thigh down through the knee for a lean look that can be cuffed or tucked into a pair of boots. The back yoke seems to be important and front whiskering and fading is seen on the thighs. A top brand shows a relatively new entrant to the US women’s jeans market; distressed sanding detail and fine lines of faded creasing down the front and back along with topstitching on the front pocket. This is suggestive of new trends which also include various types of belt hoops (e.g. crisscrossed), and metallic accents.

Among the American men’s denim market, the ‘jolly jean’ is well liked and reinforces the popularity of super soft denim. The ‘twisted leg seam’ is also going strong, as is the vogue of yellow and orange seam stitching. Other trends include back flap pockets, horse shoe embroidery and logo patches on back pockets and heavy distressing with peeks of colourful fabric through ground in holes and navy stitches to repair them.

The winner of all trends in this category is the priority given to techniques such as hand sanding, layered and sanding, hand brushing, slubbing and washes such as the ‘Morocco wash’ and ‘Jamaica wash’. The entire look is a ‘worn in’, vintage one and future trends lined up in the grapevine definitely include baked in creases, especially at the hems.

Make a Fashion Statement With Nike Dunks

It is important that when you walk, you carry your style, confidence and grace along with you. When you talk of perfect dressing, shoes play a very important role. Hence, the saying ‘When you walk the talk perfectly, you are truly successful’. A man is judged by the shoes he wears – this saying has a lot to do when it comes to dressing right. Be it the workplace or play, you need to look good in the eyes of other people. Pay attention to right clothing and shoes if you truly want to have the confident look. We pay a lot of attention to our caps, trousers, tees and totally ignore when it comes to shoes. It is still not too late and you could correct the mistake and go for a really good and comfortable pair of shoes. When you talk of sneakers, you talk of Nike shoes. Sneakers have been synonymous with Nike Shoes. They compliment all varieties of dresses and look really chic and comfy on any outfit.

Nike introduced sneakers keeping in mind the basketball players. The players wanted to adorn shoes which were not only comfortable but also good to look at. Hence, Nike introduced these sneakers and the basketball players were all for it. They could not think of playing basketball without these sneakers. Basketball is such a popular sport and Nike knew exactly how and when to capture the market. With the increasing popularity of basketball, the brand image of Nike traveled far and wide and you could see each and every young person sporting a Nike sports shoe.

Nike shoes gained popularity right from the basketball history. Varsity life is also associated with sporting a pair of Nike shoes. They have become icons for the youth and sportspeople. The shoes lend a stylish and relaxed feel to the wearer. Youngsters of college feel they are not in sync with the fashion world, if they do not possess Nike sneakers. It is considered as the ‘in-thing’ amongst college goers. If you sport a Nike, it is considered as a fashion statement and you are automatically elevated and recognized as one among the ‘elite crowd’ and considered ‘COOL’.

Nike can hold its head high and it is proud that it is able to hold the fashion market and dictate fashions and trends. When you talk of the hip hop crowd, DJs and other sports freaks, all of them are really crazy about these sneakers. Skateboard is another sport which is gaining popularity and it is more or less like basketball. Nike shoes are also extremely popular amongst lovers of Skateboarding. They are available in different designs in Skate stores as well. Nike has been able to add another community to its list of lovers – the skater community.

Manicure Trends

Having your nails manicured is part of looking great and completing an outfit, but not everyone has the money to head to the nail salon. Those that do not have the money for the salon can get the same great manicures that are paid for in the salon. A few great nail polishes in beautiful colors can give you the look that all the other girls have and will help you stay up to date with the manicure trends.

How To Find the Best Nail Colors

To begin your own trendy nail polish you need to head to the store and pick out a few great colors and nail polishes.

Many gravitate to the cheaper nail polish, but spending a little extra will save you on some frustration down the road. Right now the gel manicures are all the rave, as they chip less frequently and look shiny and great.

Also the gel manicures look like they were professionally done without the hours of work.

The Latest Color Trends

As you are choosing your nail polish you might want to consider what color you would like to choose.

There are many colors to choose from, but you will want to stay up on the latest trend. Bright colors seem to be the trend most of the young women really like.

The Rave is Gel Manicures

Right now girls are going with bright colors that stand out and make people want to look at their nails. This is partially because of the gel manicures that are in style.

The gel manicures make the colors pop causing many to get bold and choose a bright color.

The Ombre Manicure

Another color trend right now is the Ombre style manicure. This is a popular hair trend as well. To complete this look you will need to look up tutorials on the web and you will need to choose two colors that look great together.

They can be the same color just different shades or they can be contrasting colors that look great.

Prep Work

Once you have chosen your nail polish you will need to complete a little prep work before you can begin to paint your nails.

First you will need to clean your nails. You do not want dirt under your nails when you are trying to make them look nice.

Cuticle Work

Once your nails are clean push your cuticles back.

If you would like to make these processes easier you can purchase a cuticle remover from the nail section at most stores and pharmacies.

What Shape To File Your Nails

Once your nails are prepped and ready to go you should file your nails. The trendiest nails are those that look uniform in shape and length.

To figure out what shape of nail to use you should look at you the natural curve of your nails. If they are rounder you should make your nails round.

If your cuticles have less of a curve you should make your nails square with a small cure on the sides.

Paul’s Boutique – Kings of Custom Fashion

Paul’s Boutique is fast becoming a one stop shop for everything customised, and as we all know the beauty of customisation is that you get a one off piece that is carefully designed that will guarantee that you stand out from the crowd.

There are many amazing hoodies, coats, gilets, and accessories including handbags, purses and jewellery and now even a gorgeous fragrance that takes you from day to night to complete the package! Hard to imagine their small beginnings in Portobello Market with Paul Slade, the Paul’s Boutique creator and driving force behind such iconic fashion statements within the past decade.

Paul can still be found appearing in stores such as Bank Fashion personally customising items of clothing and bags for the army of fans of his label. Some of the latest one off designs that Paul’s Boutique prides itself on are using prints such as Zebra, Moc Croc, Leopard, mixed with Faux Fur to give them an edge.

If you’ve been following your favourite designers prior to this season you’ll be well aware that faux fur is a key trend to look out for, and Paul’s Boutique has covered every angle. Bank Fashion is the perfect place to start your love affair with all things PB! With over 64 items to browse through, no matter what your look is; Fun loving, Smart but quirky, Simple but daring, Loveable but dangerous.

You can customise your look to suit your mood. We can’t forget to mention the diamantes! Paul’s Boutique and those sparkly stones go hand in hand. There’s even a new bag specially designed to celebrate this, it’s called the Diamante Molly. With well over a 1000 individually set clear diamantes that sparkle, on a background of black, pink, or blue.

Each with and individually custom made bag charm. The Molly is also available on Bank Fashion in leopard print with an amazing colourful overload of designer badges, lightning bolts, hearts & lots of PB initials.