Stand Out From the Crowd With Fly

Everybody loves to look their best, and this is particularly true in the 21st century. Sometimes this isn’t so easy, though, because not all of us understand how to look good, i.e. what suits our personality, our skin tone, our situation in life. Today, though, there is one general   trend  in  fashion . To look good you need three things:

  • You need to wear clothes that other people are not used to. In other words, you need to be unique.
  • You need to wear whatever you do with confidence. Whether you are wearing a plastic bag fashioned into a suit, or you’re wearing a full Armani outfit, as long as you carry yourself with confidence, you will look good and other people will admire you.
  • This is often overlooked by many, but you must always pay the most attention to your shoes. People do not realise it, but shoes make the outfit. If you choose the wrong pair of shoes, then whatever you wear, and however you wear it, it will never look as good as it could with the right pair of shoes.

When it comes to 1 & 3, there is a brand of footwear that works perfectly: Fly London. They have been in the industry for around twenty years now, and have continued to grow year on year. They started off as a small, independent, retailer, but today, they export their products throughout the world.

As a brand, Fly London is known for their forward-looking, trendy, and ultra-urbanised footwear. Their motto is, ‘Why Walk When You can Fly’ and this is so true of all of their styles of shoes. Whether Fly London boots, or Fly London slippers, they all share a distinct characteristic: they are funky, fresh and unique. The style of shoes made by Fly are rare, you will be hard pushed to find any other footwear manufacturer that is quite as flamboyant. Fly shoes will, without a doubt, add a fantastic focal point to any outfit. Whether you team them with a wild outfit or with a casual, everyday outfit (jeans and t-shirt, for instance), one thing is certain: Fly shoes will stand out.

Of course, Fly London boots, shoes and slippers cannot give you confidence, this is something that you have to do yourself, it comes from within. They can, however, make you feel as if you are on the cutting edge of fashion, and for many, this will, indirectly, increase feelings of self-confidence. They are brilliantly unique and incredibly individualised. Unfortunately, this means that you either love them or hate them, but in our opinion, we have no understanding for the haters. We think Fly is one of the best brands around.

Runway Report 2 – Delhi’s Wills India Fashion Week

Wills India Fashion Week saw a blend of established and upcoming designers present a truly unique mix of palette, style and silhouette.

Starting off with the classic cuts and solid drapes of Wendell Rodricks and going into Anamika Khanna, who sure knows how to make a colorless palette look extremely attractive. e. Predominantly black and white with bold gota, draped layered silhouettes and a smattering of cocktail saris; she knows how to say it with style. From her sassy style to Tarun Tahiliani’s elegance, there were full length anarkalis with cropped jackets, soft tunics and belted saris in a mostly neutral palette. Ritu Kumar showcased her ‘Label’ collection with refreshing wrap dresses and tunics in ethnic prints. An eclectic mix of texture, fabric and style in muted and vivid hues, this we say is a ‘must-have’ for a mehendi/cocktail party.

Meera and Muzaffar Ali had a few elegant wedding wear ensembles, with woven full length stoles draped across lehengas choli ensembles with zardosi embroidery. Saris in hues of olive, pistachio, teal and pewter with vivid accents lent an interesting edge. Designers Jaya Rathore and Nida Mehmood presented all-out bridal wear. The former, had actress Urmila Mathondkar in a show stopping lehenga, in a beautiful mix of colors ranging from ivory, pastel pink, coral, red, pink and maroon. The latter, said it in true Bollywood ‘íshtyle’. Her style reminds us strongly of Manish Arora’s brilliance in quirky, fun fashion. She gave the sari her very own unique take, by teaming georgette, chiffon and net saris with jeans. A trendy twist to appeal to youngsters is what she calls it…while we thoroughly enjoyed the show! It all ended with Rohit Bal presenting a grand finale with Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor walking the ramp.

Apart from the heavy dose of glamour, the razzle-dazzle of stars and celebrities and some very serious   fashion , we got a lot to take away for prêt, couture and bridal  trends , so for all you brides and bride grooms to be, there is inspiration aplenty.

Top 10 "Save-the-Day" Fashion Fixes

You’re about to have your “red carpet” moment when you casually glance at the effortless swish of your knee-length frock and notice the hem has fallen. Or, perhaps, you’re radiant in head-to-toe summer white, when your dinner partner splashes a bit of red wine on your blouse. We’ve all had it happen-no need to fret.

We’ve consulted a team of experts- Vanessa Wakeman, owner of Indulgence event and wedding planning, in White Plains, New York; Renee R. Klein and Zoe Schaeffer, co-owners of Presse, a high-end fashion boutique in L.A.; and Jen Goodkind and Jayne Chase, co-hosts of “A Fashionable Life” radio show-to help you navigate even the most unexpected fashion emergencies.

Healing Heels

You’re ready to mix and mingle in your strappy stilettos and-as luck would have it-snap goes your heel. “You don’t want to spend an evening hobbling around,” says Klein. “Instant Krazy Glue To-Go is the answer. I always carry it with me.”

On the Spot

For treating spots and stains, Chase swears by Tide to Go sticks: “I carry at least one in my purse at all times.” Other remedies: get rid of makeup stains with baby wipes, which also help remove lint from clothing and dirt from shoes.

If you’re fortunate enough to catch a deodorant stain before leaving the house, Schaeffer recommends steaming the garment with a traditional steamer “or hanging it in the bathroom during a hot shower.”

A Bad Run

You can always rely on an old standby-clear nail polish. “Paint just a dab on a stocking run, and you’ll be good through your event,” says Schaeffer. Another quick fix, says Wakeman, “is a dash of hairspray.”

Weathered Leather

Nicked your leather bag, shoes, or belt? “Carefully touch up the area with a matching colored Sharpie,” says Schaeffer.

Hem havoc

The beauty of a sewing kit is that it’s compact and multi-functional. Goodkind divulges, “I always take them from the last resort I’ve been to,” which makes them free, too! Masking tape or duct tape can also come in handy. Grab the lighting guy/gal or musicians at the event, who usually carry tape in case it’s needed for their equipment.

Simply Strapped

Falling or snapped bra/dress/shirt straps can be a real nuisance and the easiest and most obvious answer is: “A safety pin,” says Chase. “Always carry small ones, which are less visible but still secure.”

Zip It

If your zipper is not ready to rise, “a bar of soap or wax candle rubbed gently onto the problem area should help it loosen up,” advises Wakeman.

Cute as a Button

If you have a button that’s floor bound, clear nail polish will come to the rescue, again. Dab the top of the button to prevent it from falling off. Another way to keep it tight: a storage bag tie. Peel off the plastic and thread the button with the metal strip.

Better Sweater

Rub a piece of Velcro up and down the fabric to remove sweater pills. For snags, take the tip of a closed pen, push the snag back through the inside of the garment and knot it.

Ear and Now

The backing of your earring has fallen on the dance floor and it’s nowhere to be found. “Not to worry,” says Wakeman, who’s seen this happen to more than one bride. “Take the eraser off a pencil and push it through the stem. You’ll be good to dance the night away.”

While emergency remedies are invaluable, averting disasters is obviously the way to go. Have the soles and heels of new shoes reinforced, and always be sure to waterproof suede shoes, advises Goodkind.

Chase also advocates carrying an extra jacket, a cashmere cardigan, or a pashmina in case you need to cover up a stain (or it gets cold!). And when all else fails, she says, “Think creatively. I once had a Ralph Lauren pink gingham dress with spaghetti straps. I had the straps taken in and the night I put on the dress, one strap broke. I didn’t have needle and thread, so I took the other strap off and wore it strapless. You know what? It looked better!”

Keep-handy Crisis Kit

Here’s a list of the must-have items that you may want to keep in your purse or in a plastic bag in the trunk of your car, in case of a fashion, beauty, or comfort emergency.

Baby wipes: To remove or reduce make-up stains on clothing. They also remove lint from clothing and dirt from shoes.

Blotting papers: For unexpected greasy moments.

Clear nail polish: For a torn stocking or loose button.

Hairspray: Also good for runs in stockings.

Masking tape or duct tape: For fallen hems.

Instant Krazy Glue To-Go: A quick fix for broken heels.

Mini sewing kit with safety pins: To temporarily mend fallen hems, broken straps, or small tears.

Mini umbrella: For unexpected rain showers.

An extra pair of pantyhose: Tuck them in a small plastic zipped bag.

Pen: A closed tip can help invert sweater snags; so can a small crochet hook.

Pencil: The eraser can be used to secure post earrings.

Sharpie markers: To dab scuffed or scratched leather on shoes, purses, belts, etc…

Soap: For a stuck zipper.

Tide to Go stick: To attack stains in an instant.

Velcro: To get rid of pills on sweaters.

Vaseline: Keep a small tube handy to rub on men’s or women’s patent leather shoes, so they don’t stick together while you’re dancing.

Cover-up (cashmere sweater, jacket, or pashmina): Good to keep in a plastic bag in the trunk of your car, to hide a stain or torn fabric, or simply for warmth in an overly air-conditioned venue or on a cool evening outdoors.

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Party Wear For Summer

Runway styles for this year’s summer seem to be more about color than subtle shades. There is a lot of vibrancy that is usually awaited till monsoon but this year’s trend seems to be a collection of hues. The styles are assembled with not-so-confusing geometric prints and also camouflage patterns that are seen in silhouettes. Shorts are definitely fine for beach parties but the highlight is more about hair styling and accessories

Nail bars have introduced new acidic shades that are bright and also go to the extent of giving a neon texture to the shades. For funky wear, the shades in nail colors can be combined, designed and textured. Party styles for nails can have silver dustings. The highlight should be the party ensemble which is definitely knee length and colors oscillate from dull Grey-Blue to pulsating cherry red.

Add a contrasting belt in hot pink or emerald green to the cream frock. Belts are seen in bold styles that accentuate a narrow waist and many times seems prefect for a full figure. The neckline should be preferably V or come in a wrap-around style that seems neat as well as simple. Glamour styles seem to be perfect for house parties with mild silver trimmings as too much of shimmer is not the trend for summers.

Ethnic kurtis are the best solution to stay chic and also set a trend. Legging style churidar, fabric painted tunics seem nice with metallic bangles. For printed dresses, it is best to chose the accessory like a bag or sun glasses and stay simple on the neck pieces. Saris in designer wear can also be preferred in real kutchi handloom work or Bengali prints which can highlighted with the banjara tie-style choli. Backless blouses go well with cowled drape styles in chiffon saris that are secured with ethnic broaches.

In case of accessories it is about highlighting one piece of jewelry. Chokers are not in trend this summer and beads or chunky long chains that have bold pendants stay in style. Go without earrings if you wish to draw attention to the big locket in wood or the rustic motif in your acrylic pendant. Cottons, linens and muslin in skirts assure the feeling of comfort which can be teamed with kolhapuri chappals or strappy flat sandals.

Latest Trends in Lehenga Cholis

Lehenga choli shopping is one of the most exciting experiences a lover of ethnic fashion can have. These beautiful and glamorous outfits are available in a plethora of amazing varieties. If a woman wants to look and feel like a royal Indian princess straight out of the annals of history, the lehenga choli is what she should be wearing. The best part is that lehenga cholis are comfortable and versatile as well as stylish and elegant. Thus, wearing this outfit during a hectic festival or wedding event is not the death knell for all comfort and enjoyment!

While there are many traditional varieties of the lehenga choli, it is the contemporary ones that have really attracted the attention and patronage of stylish fashionistas. When women go lehenga choli shopping today, they will find a number of western designs, fabrics and silhouettes arrayed next to the classic ones. Some are simply the classic, regional varieties, but with a new element added; which can be seen in either color, fabric, embroidery or even silhouette. Others are totally new outfits that have never been seen before.

A great example of the latter is lehenga style sarees. These are hybrid garments that combine the structure and fit of the lehenga with the elegant drape of the sari. The lower part of the outfit is a lehenga style skirt with a pre-pleated design added in order to make it resemble a sari. The upper half is the typical saree pallu which has to be draped over the shoulder. This is a designer outfit and as such it generally comes in very glamorous avatars. Richly decorated borders, colorful panels, gota patti work, zardozi designs and intricate resham embroidery are all often used to decorate these garments. They are the perfect choice for weddings, festivals and other ceremonies, where opulent ethnic wear is the norm, and yet comfort is of the utmost importance.

Besides such innovative hybrid varieties, one can also find lehengas with a western style silhouette that gives the overall outfit a very fashion forward look. For instance, the sensual mermaid cut lehengas have become extremely popular. They are often paired with corset style cholis and typically look extremely elegant and chic.

On the other hand, designers are also re-discovering old techniques and designs. Many of these have distinct regional origins and designers incorporate them in their creations in unique ways. For instance, the layered lehenga often combines a modern fabric like net or tissue with a sumptuous traditional one like Banarasi brocade or silk with zardosi designs.

A major trend in Indian lehenga choli shopping nowadays is the move towards online portals as the primary retailer. This is because online shopping is indeed the most convenient option. Women as well as men can browse through a wide variety of ethnic wear options from the comfort of their home and have it delivered right to their doorstep. There are many ethnic fashion portals that have sprung up; however, it is important to select the right retailer who can provide quality as well as authenticity, at value for money prices.

Slouch Boots – The Latest Trend for Women

Slouch boots are a great casual wear and at the same time cozy and sophisticated footwear. For this reason, they are one of the widely sought after footwear by women. This footwear is also available for men and has attractive features for both genders.

Purchasing a stylish slouch boot is by no means an easy task. You have countless models of footwear scatted online and also array of reviews suggesting which one is best and worst. I personally had this experience of being confused whether or not to buy a slouch boot which I liked much but had read very bad reviews about it. So it is going to be a difficult task to choose the one you like.

Women’s Slouch boots – Some Great Tips

Women cowboy and girl sweater slouch boots are ideal for fashion lovers to show themselves stylish. You can keep up pace with changing   trend  and  fashion  by outfitting T-shirts and short skirts or thin leggings with buckle strapped slouch boot. Jeans, skirt and casual dresses look special with fashion this footwear. If you are having a suede slouch boots wearing a pink Shirt and ankle-length jeans is a great choice for a wonderful look.

You can wear this footwear with shoulder sweater over thin pants or vest over a white shirt of button down style for passionate look and composure. And to steal the attention of all others on you, it’s a good idea to pair slim jeans with stacked slouch boots. Now its upto you to decide, which is your ideal choice?

What to look for before buying Slouch Boots?

Based on the foot type, removable cushioned insoles can be inserted to this footwear. You can use heel inserts while wearing this footwear for reducing stress and sticky feel. This can be particularly useful if you are a high heel addict yet at the same time fear the heel pain which is a natural outcome of wearing high heel.

Slouch western boots have a different heel height and shaft height, which should be noted along with your feet size before clicking to buy these boots. The calf circumference should also be kept in mind in order to get a comfortable fit. So here ends the great tips of shopping for this fabulous footwear, now its time to shop. Hurry up!

Swap Shoes and Clothing Online – The Latest Eco Trend

Money tight? Got a closet full of unused clothes and shoes? Hate to throw away good stuff? Want to stop adding to the waste stream? There are so many reasons to look at alternatives to buying new. Most people know about thrift stores and consignment shops and you probably have your own reasons for or against them but have you heard about the growing trend of swapping?

Somewhere right now, someone is planning a swap party or free sale. They are a bit like a Tupperware party where no one buys anything but you still walk away with something “new to you.” They are fun and a great way to swap your still serviceable shoes and clothing for items you want. The problem is they don’t happen often enough and you are limited to what someone else in your area brought to swap. Why not cast a larger net and see what people are swapping across the country?

Swapping Shoes

Shoes are a great item to swap online. A good photo will tell so much about their condition, sizes are fairly standard, and they are cheap to send by mail or UPS. There are a few details to pay attention to so that your shoes will appear desirable and you will be sure you are getting the shoes you want.

Shoe Swapping Tips

  • Take Clear Photos: Make your shoes look their best. Take a clear, well-lit photo of them showing as much of the shoe as possible. If the shoe swap site allows you to upload more than one photo, be sure to upload a photo of any problem areas on the shoe (better to be honest!) and upload a photo of the shoe soles. The sole photo alone will tell a potential swap partner so much about the shoe. If you say they were only worn once, your sole photo will prove it. If your shoes are a patent leather-like material and the photo looks washed out or the flash is reflecting oddly off the shoes, try using a bright desk lamp to light your shoes instead.
  • Grab Them with a Great Title: Tell people everything they need to know and they will appreciate it. Avoid using a generic title for your shoes. Would you bother to look at shoes simply called “Heels” or “Black Flats”? Think about what makes your shoes so great and add it to the title. For example, descriptions like “4 inch Black Heels with Beautiful Braided Straps” or “Sexy Designer Detny Boots – Almost New” not only tell a lot more about the shoes you want to trade but engage people’s interest from the start. Many people will click through just to see what kind of braided straps or why the boots are considered sexy. Grab their eye!
  • Describe, Describe, Describe: When it comes to writing the description for your shoes, don’t forget that people can’t simply pick up the shoes, look them over and slide them on. Describe the height of the heel (if applicable). Mention if they have laces, buckles, velcro, or snaps (it’s not always obvious from the photo). Describe the condition of the sole, the overall fit, and how comfortable they are. It doesn’t take a lot of extra time to be thorough and it can turn an ignored pair of shoes into something desirable.

Example Shoe Swapping Site:

Check out Shoe Swappers at

Swapping clothes

Swapping clothing online can be very liberating and exciting. When you shop for clothes in the mall or department store you pretty much know what you are going to find. Ho-hum! Swap sites, on the other hand, can contain anything! Do you like retro, euro, simple, formal, funky, chic? It’s all out there. As with shoes there are tricks to making your clothing swaps a success every time.

Clothes Swapping Tips

  • Model Shots Win: When putting clothing up for swap, clear photos do a lot of the work for you, but nothing shows off clothes better than seeing them on someone. Some people go so far as to stage their model shots as if the photo were from a catalog. You don’t need to go to all that effort. A simple photo of the shirt, pants, dress, etc on a fellow human will work well enough and be ten times better than shooting the clothes lying flat on the floor.
  • Go Beyond a Description: When describing an article of clothing in the swap title or description field, why stop at telling people what it looks like? Tell them what it feels like to wear it. Was it comfortable? Did it have a “formal feel” or does it make you feel like a million bucks? Suggest when to wear it: “great for work”, “perfect for date night”, etc. Also, never forget to describe the true condition of the clothes or risk making an unhappy swapper. If you wore it ten times, say so. It doesn’t mean that it’s worn out and swappers are a very forgiving bunch if you make an honest effort to be accurate.

Example Clothing Swapping Site:

Check out Rehash Clothes at

Final Tips

When swapping anything online, don’t forget to respond quickly to questions sent through the swap interface. Most of the time, active swappers are looking at many items at once. If a swapper is willing to trade what he or she has for a few different shoes or dresses, it is often the first person to respond that gets the swap.

One last point. When you agree to swap with someone, go through with it 100%. Ship or meet to swap your goods quickly and do everything you can to protect your online reputation. If there is a disagreement, work to resolve it as best you can. Be prepared to reverse the swap if all else fails. I never swap with anyone unless they have a great reputation no matter how much I want what they’ve got. It’s just not worth it.

Good luck and get swapping!

Teenage Fashion History

The word “teenager” was first coined in the 1950s, a time when teenage fashion had found its place and a niche market was created. Teenagers were now a closed group with their own feelings, style, beliefs, and ways of perceiving life; that is, their own personality.

Malcolm Barnard says in his book Fashion as Communication, “Fashion and clothing have always been explained as forms of communication”. Teenagers have now their own voice to speak their mind and they manage to do it through fashion.

Being teenager is being rebellious. If you check out the decades of teen fashion you might see that they have proven to be a way of rebelling out.

Back in the fifties, when teen fashion firs appeared, it would follow the famous look of James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause”. Although, their clothes did not differ too much from the general trend in fashion, girls could be seen wearing dresses fluffed out with petticoats and crinolines under the skirt. Boys wore tight Levis, Chinos, white or black tight shirts, as well as loafers or Converse shoes with leather jackets.

Fashion is totally influenced and “manipulated” by history. The historical events put a hallmark on fashion decades, as the clothes reveal people’s lifestyle, conceptions, and even prejudices.

In the 1960s, fashion and music started to go hand in hand. Pop and rock music began to influence fashion in a way like never before. Fashion icons, like The Beatles, or rebellious rock stars, like Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger, were speaking on behalf of the younger generation and they represented the main force.

In the 1970s, the disco era was loud and colorful. The fabrics of the decade were polyester, acrylic and lycra. Woman’s dresses were getting to their knees and men wore bell bottoms, jackets and gold chains. Platform shoes were big on the dance floor and shirt patterns were dizzying.

The 1980s came with the aerobic craze. The ultimate combination was tight, shiny stretch leggings paired with an over-sized, off-the-shoulder sweatshirt. The pop singer, Madonna was at her peak at that time and she influenced teenagers sense of style very much.

The 1990s, in terms of teen fashion, represented a mixture of a whole lot of different styles. Boy bands and girl bands of pop music were pretty eclectic in terms of clothes and they were admired by the young generation. It was the time of the platform shoe again which shows up in many shoes from sandals to tennis shoes. The colors are dramatic or pastel, while the classic color black was still used for dramatic effects in fashion.

Nowadays, teen clothing is very comfortable in all ways. The basic trends are vintage blue jeans with a trendy. Teenagers clothes need to be accessible in terms of prices, as young people’s expenditure is pretty limited within the amounts of money collected in their piggy banks.

Top 5 Must Have Boy’s Fashions For Summer

This year’s hot summer   fashion   trends  will have your little boy stepping out in style. Many seasons the hottest  fashion   trends  center around little girls with flowers and dresses galore. This is not the case this summer. There are many hot new trends for the little men in your life to enjoy this summer season. With all the choices of summer  fashion   trends  that are available for little boys it may be hard to try and decided what to get for your little guys wardrobe. If you choose one or more of these top five must-have boy’s summer fashions, your little guy is sure to be in style.

Cargo shorts

The look of cargo shorts has been around for a while when it comes to the older men. It has now become one of the key pieces of summer must haves for every boy. The pockets give the shorts an added sense of style from ordinary shorts as well as come in handy for the little guy on the go. Cargo pockets are great for carrying around little action men or whatever other treasures your little guy may find out on his adventures. The basic colors of green and khaki are always the best way to start when it comes to adding cargo shorts to a wardrobe.

Board shorts

Another hot look when it comes to shorts when it comes to boys this summer season is board shorts. Board shorts are a take on the fashion that surfers have been wearing for years. The longer shorts usually come to about knee length and are loose and baggy to make sure that the wear has plenty of room to move in them. To really keep the surfer-feel to the board shorts, look for ones with bold beach-inspired prints on them.

Muscle Tanks

When the weather starts to get hot out there, many boys reach for sleeveless tops to help keep them cool. One of the summer must haves to do this with is muscle tanks designed for little boys. This is a piece of apparel based on the tanks that are often seen at the gym. They come in basic solid colors and have interesting sayings and prints on them.

Plaid shirts

Plaid shirts are not just for the fall season. Short sleeve plaid shirts have been flying off the shelves at stores as a great fashion option for the summer. They help to cover exposed skin from the damaging rays of the sun when layered over a tank top. This fashion must have is also a great layering piece with a T-shirt on those cool summer evenings.

Slogan T-shirts

Retro-looking slogan T-shirts are one of the hottest trends for boys this summer. With designs and sayings from before the boys were born, these shirts are a hit with parents and kids alike. It is a great way to share some great memories while helping your son to show his fashionable side.

When it comes to building any new wardrobe for your little guy, you always want to keep in mind the hottest  fashion   trends  for the season. Once you have added the top five fashion must-haves of the summer to your son’s basic summer wardrobe, he will be ready to rock the world when he steps outside.

Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015

Let it be that milestone moment of Donatella Versace sitting front row for Vaccarello’s first collection, since officially being appointed Versus Versace creative director, to begin Paris Fashion Week F/W 2015. Unlike New York fashion week’s oversize jumpers shrugging loosely over models’ shoulders, Paris seemed to reside in the tailored world of blacks. Vaccarello’s recent travels to the American West brought a, somewhat, rock ‘n’ roll vibe, where subtle, and not-so-subtle, metal stars encroach on the dresses of the collection. However, Vaccarello’s signature cutouts became a focal point – slim industrialized half-belts resting on the waist and the harsh angular shoulders formed the dominatrix attitude that now proceeds to challenge the sensuality of Italian craftsmanship.

Disproportionate wafts of felt, poplin, ribbed knits and corduroy stitched together, as a naïve youth would have done in Kindergarten art class, came hand in hand with the bare breasted models of Parisian fashion label Jacquemus’ collection. Unlike the usual orange pink hues and geometric aptitude of designer Simon Porte, this Fall collection dwells in the far-from-systematic realms of fashion land, where his style of dilapidated chaos is swooned over. Nevertheless, this seemingly childish parcel of amusement had an added visionary texture. Berlin-based photographer Sebastian Bieniek’s “Doublefaced” series was central inspiration in Lyne Desnoyers, MAC makeup artist’s, graphic kohl facial art that endearingly complimented the abstract jigsaw puzzle atmosphere.


Camouflaging in the psychedelic realm that could easily be mistaken for the sixties, Raf Simons’, of Dior, F/W 2015 collection traversed into an intoxicating vibrancy that could only be described as an ode to Austin Power’s infamous mojo. One of which radiated sexuality, nevertheless, subdued in the refined tailoring of Dior craftsmanship. A skintight suit of fluorescent orange, moss green and white marbling, sultry in stature, is definitely not for the faint-hearted. While the acrylic-like mesh high neck, sleeveless tops in washed greens and pinks were paired with ink blotted mid calf skirts, broke up the bright colour blocking and brought back elements of the clean-cut atmosphere from Spring 2015 Ready-to-wear.

On another note, however, Simon’s collaborative effort with Danish Textile Company Kvadrat came with a sophisticated tweak, as androgynous suits and F/W coats were constructed with tweed combinations of soft pastels and condiment colours of mustard and tomato.

Although, in this ordered disorder of fanciful design, what seemed to be the focus, and presumably the next style phenomenon in the 2015 fashion game, was the vinyl knee-high and ankle boots. Paired with the seemingly Veruschka-like inspired doll-eyed, “color-blocked arches of opaque eye shadow”, the collection of boots glossed there way up to the pinnacle of fashion heaven.


Pleats, stripes and diamond tassels are back, according to Oliver Rousteing of world-renowned fashion label Balmain. With a fifty-piece collection, Rousteing took an alternate route after last years Fall/Winter khaki and leather basket weave constructions.

The recent Fall/Winter 2015 collection, however, “celebrate[s] that Parisian tradition as well as the evolution of [the] city into a truly global melting pot.” This collection is of passionate colour, not only visually but also conceptually. At first glance, under the dim yellow hues of the runway lights, the seventies inspired flares and breaths of diamond-stringed fabric in coral, mustard and fuchsia seemed to be one of the cool and groovy nature. However, Rousteing released a statement to journalists where he spoke about recent events in Paris, and so, “that open-minded spirit” and “defending essential liberties” is a driving force of the seventies inspired diversity and strength.

Each design came out empowering and unwavering; nevertheless, still bringing a soft pleated touch in the high-waist pants and the envious gleam of the audiences’ eyes seemed to reflect off the kaleidoscopic copper-beaded fringing. One cannot fault the precision to detail and pure talent of such an influential designer in our generation, one that will continue, year after year, to incite, intrigue and shock the fashion world.