Connecting With Converse Shoes

It is true to say that certain countries around the world are synonymous with fashion trends. France and Italy have their high-end designer labels, the United Kingdom their patriotic love of the flag and Australia their love of boardshorts and causal shirts. America is no different. Denim, white tees and converse shoes truly define the American spirit: to get and do rather than sit around and watch.

Converse shoes have come a long way since their infamous Chuck Taylor All-Stars, All-Stars, Converse All-Stars, “Chucks” or Cons” hit the streets in the early 1900s. Targeted to the basketball players of the era, these rubber soled canvas shoes have now become an American icon entrenched within all facets of society: the street, schools, city malls and even the office block.

The Converse Shoe Company is a classic example of how to stay in the game. While their original shoe design were overshoes and seasonal shoes, they saw the need to maximise their potential by lifting the limit of selling shoes constrained by yearly climatic conditions, moving their designers towards the ever growing sporting circuit. Hence the Chuck Taylor, a shoe endorsed by the basketballer of the same name, came into play. The first shoe linked to the game to be mass-produced, the initial designs were high tops in earthy tones highlighted with black trim. Consumers wanted more however and eventually black and white also became available and the monotone laces became substituted with colours and patterns, depicting America’s basketball teams of the time.

Throughout the journey of the Converse Shoes evolution, and still current today, the limited variety of colour and fabric in which the shoes are manufactured has become extensive. They now exist in low-tops, high-top and knee length in not only canvas, but also denim, leather, suede, vinyl and hemp: with or without laces.

Despite a lull in popularity, Converse has managed to remain in manufacture if not under the original owner and management format. They are a shoe that can be worn by the famous: Kurt Cobain, Tom Morello, The Edge, Johnny Knoxville and Snoop Dog and babies, children, teenagers and adults alike. This is testament to not only their high quality but also their extreme flexibility and comfort. It may as well be due to the fact that they come in a multitude of colours and print designs. You can still purchase them in solid colours: black, white, red, blue, green, yellow and pink for example but it is not uncommon to see someone wearing them in stripes, houndstooth, sporting peace signs, swirls, cartoon characters, images of famous people or leopard print. It is little wonder that some have taken to collecting them as one does anything with so many choices at the ready.

Converse shoes truly have stood the test of time. Those who have or do own a pair understand what makes them so appealing. Those who have not or do not: do yourself a favour, go and buy a pair. It will be the start of a very new and different love affair.

Superdry Clothing – Sizes Explained

The problem is that Superdry sizes ‘appear to be different’ from other brands in the market (I’ve put that in inverted commas for a reason). That and the internet is plagued of misleading information on this topic. I’ve decided to sort this out once and for all. Or at least until Superdry change things up again. Superdry is actually very accurately sized. I know you weren’t expecting to hear that so I will explain why.

The Problem with Standards

There is an international standard for clothing sizes. The International Standards Organization, also known as ISO. They are the governing body for all sorts of standards, including a standard measure for the sizing of clothes. This should, in theory, give us a reference to be able to accurately choose clothes and convert between US, UK, European and other sizes. But it doesn’t. There are problems with the international standards.

Getting too deep into these standards is beyond the scope of this article so I’m going to cut to the chase. There problem comes in two parts; Using letter codes like Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large and clothing manufacturers taking liberties with the established standards. They aren’t obliged to conform to the standard so there isn’t likely to be any change in the future. When compared to other clothing brands, a good rule of thumb is that Superdry clothing is approximately one size smaller. They are sized to fit properly but as most other clothing manufacturers are getting more and more generous with their sizing, it’s better to go for one size bigger in Superdry clothes. For example, if you are usually a medium then you buy a large in Superdry.

Superdry Size Chart

Superdry clothing complies with the international standards; the problem is that other clothing companies don’t. Superdry also use letter codes, so there must be a look up table to convert a size from Small, to chest size or women’s dress size. If you’ve looked on their website you would have noticed that there isn’t such a helpful table anywhere to be found. I’ve developed a Superdry size chart.

Men’s Superdry Clothing Size Chart

Sizes are chest sizes, measured in inches.

Extra Small = 36″

Small = 38″

Medium = 40″

Large = 42″

Extra Large = 44″

Extra Extra Large = 46″

Men’s waist sizes are pretty straight forward. They are all in inches, the standard measure so you shouldn’t have any problems selecting your size.

Women’s Superdry Size Chart

The UK and US dress sizes are matched to the ISO standards and might not necessarily match up to the size you would normally buy in other clothing brands. It is intended that you go by the actual measurements (in inches).

Extra Small = UK Size 8/ US Size 4 = Bust 34″, Waist 25.5″, Hip 36.5″

Small = UK Size 10/ US Size 6 = Bust 34″, Waist 26.5″, Hip 37.5″

Medium = UK Size 12/ US Size 8 = Bust 35″, Waist 27.5″, Hip 38.5″

Large = UK Size 14/ US Size 10 = Bust 36″, Waist 28.5″, Hip 39.5″

Buying Superdry Clothing

Probably the best advice I can give you is try before you buy but what if you don’t have a store near you? Is this case you are left with the only option, to shop online where you can’t try the item on before you buy it. There are exceptions however. Some stores, like Nucleus, offer free return postage on internet orders so in effect you can try the stuff on and send it back if it doesn’t fit. It’s a slight hassle getting to the post office but at least it won’t cost you anything.

Bench Watches – A Short Introduction

In 2010 Bench is an international widely recognised brand name, but its rise has been a very rapid and extraordinary one. In the late 1980’s Bench started in Manchester just producing skateboarding and freestyle BMX t-shirts aimed at that market and the people who follow that culture. During the last 20 years they have outgrown their own expectations to their current position as a leader in the urban fashion market, not only appealing to the skaters and riders, but to anyone who likes their street level clothing and accessories, also branching out into manufacturing trendy Bench watches.

Bench are known all over the globe nowadays. They are still first and foremost a fashion clothing company, and that is what they are still most known for, however in today’s market of total merchandising they have not slipped behind in any opportunities to push the Bench brand out further. They now host a range of products including beachwear, clothing for children, watches and belts. They have also played host to a variety of events and festivals that fit in with the image and the consumers they are aiming their products at through sponsorship, and just a few years ago Bench was voted the coolest brand of street wear by a panel of judges from “Coolbrands”.

With their roots based firmly in Manchester from their humble beginnings and with it being the city where they are still based, Bench has been a prominent brand in the famous Manchester club scene, notorious for its cool cutting edge music across all genres. They have also been able to use this as a springboard to push the brand all over the planet. You can now purchase Bench products from places such as Australia, South America and Canada, from jackets and jeans to Bench watches. They have even gone as far as to be able to open up shops selling nothing but Bench products, such is the success of the brand!

All this is quite an achievement not only for a company that is only 20 years old, but for the fact that it was only quite recently that they branched out into the world of watches, belts and accessories. They have clearly got the design right, and the marketing right as well on how they are going about their business, they are still growing and have become one of the most desired brand names out there, so why not check out the range of Bench watches on the market today. At such affordable prices and with some fantastic designs for any occasion and for men and women, there is something for everybody.

Outstanding Fashion With Sterling Silver Jewelry

The way you present yourself in this day and age is very important. It seems that ‘image is everything.’ This means that the bar has been raised in order for someone to be told that they look good and are ‘with it’. Each and everyday, the fashion bar is raised because it seems there is always a new way of looking good. Outdoing each other in terms of fashion and trends seems to be the in-thing. One of the major accessories that people add to look good is jewelry, especially sterling silver jewelry. Gold has been in use over a long time and it is very easy to go a function and find someone in a gold chain, necklace or ring. But it is still the most precious metal around.

Sterling silver jewelry is getting popularity and people are starting to buy it in wholesale. Buying wholesale silver jewelry can make you come up with the most exquisite jewels and you may even end up making profits from it. Here is what I mean:

After purchasing silver in wholesale, you can come up with jewelry such as a sterling silver necklace. This sterling silver necklace is the perfect accessory for those people who are looking to personalize their jewelry. This can be done in a very simple way. All one has to do is to take a normal chain, cord or an old necklace that is not so attractive, and add anything that will give the world a glimpse of one’s style of using silver. In this case, you may add sterling silver on the chord or the chain so that the necklace would stand out. Since it is a personal touch that brings out one style of using silver on a necklace, one can add anything they want to it. In case you one has already gotten a customer, they can make custom made silver necklaces because some of the things that can be added are the favorite color of the client, an item that means something to them such as a valuable family ring, a peace symbol design, heart, or other lucky symbol, a teardrop-shaped pearl; whatever it is, one can thread it on a chain and make it the focal piece of your ensemble.

One can also purchase wholesale silver jewelry to make more jewels such as sterling silver rings. If you have ever wanted your hands to be center of attraction then having a sterling silver ring is a good way. It is one of the ways one will look and feel younger. After purchasing silver in whole to make the jewel, one can look for a professional jeweler who can mould the silver into the ring that they desire. One of the best examples of people with custom made silver rings is the Hollywood superstars. As they walk the on the red carpet, once in a while you can spot something shiny from their fingers, which is in most cases sterling silver rings.

Lyle and Scott: The History Of The Brand

Lyle and Scott is a clothing company that was originally founded in 1874. It was founded in the Scottish town of Hawick by William Lyle and Walter Scott. Their designs were originally influenced by the largest knitwear company in Scotland and the same designs and techniques are stilled being used to this day. They started as a small knitwear company, just manufacturing hosiery and underwear and in 1926 expanded to include knitted outerwear. Lyle and Scott is also a company that adapts to new styles and changing fashion trends.

The company has been around for a long time and has come a long way. They have created a major fashion movement with the infamous gold eagle badge. This style was mostly used in the golfing world and has now been integrated outside of that market. It so popular today, that it is hard to go out and not see a man or woman wearing clothes with the golden eagle. It has been accepted by the fashion savvy and the club culture. This means that the promotion of the brand will be great and as such has been taken to new heights. It is now a popular brand that everyone wants to wear and contains many trendy styles for men and women.

Lyle and Scott offer great clothes at a reasonable price. This is a key component to any clothing line. While being stylish and fashionable, it has to be easy on the pocket. Men and women still want to be stylish; even if it is on a budget.

How to Tie a Scarf – Making Silk Scarves Work For You

How to tie silk scarves. Since the scarf trend started in the mid-1990’s, the fascination with this accessory only grew with silk scarves being one of the most favorite type of scarves worn by fashionable women and men alike. It’s no wonder since the softness and beauty of silk is truly luxurious.

Still, having a silk scarf is not enough. You would need to know how to wear it and tie it properly to make your whole outfit work. Although simply draping it over your shoulders and letting it fall in front of you can already do wonders to a simple dress or suit, there are several ways to tie a scarf that will add more to your style without being so complicated to do.

Here’s one popular style that can you try with square silk scarves to make them look neat and stylish: First, wrap your neck with the scarf once and create a loose knot with one end. While keeping this knot open with one hand, wrap the scarf again on your neck.

Take the open end of the scarf and carefully pull all the way through the knot. Both ends of the scarf should be equal in length so make adjustments to the scarf accordingly. When the ends are even, tighten the knot.

Here’s an even simpler way tie a silk scarf to liven up any casual attire: Take the scarf in the middle, making sure both ends are of the same length. Hold the scarf in such a way that you have a loop on one side while both ends are loose. Then, take the ends and pass them through the loop to create a knot. To tighten the knot, pull the ends carefully downwards to your front or the side of your neck.

For certain, there are more trendy ways to tie a silk scarf but aside from knowing how to tie one, learning how to choose a scarf that will match your outfit is also essential. If you are just starting your scarf collection, you probably already have scarves in neutral and solid colors since these go well with practically anything in your closet.

If you’d like to add variety to your look, start buying multicolored, printed or illustrated silk scarves or those with accents like sequins or beaded fringes. Take note that you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy beautiful, good quality scarves. There are many reputable but affordable sellers offering scarves priced somewhere from $20 to $50.

When you’re shopping for scarves, keep in mind that they should complement your wardrobe and overall style as well as reflect your personality.

Gym-Wear Trends to Follow – Spring 2018

Hitting the gym to be in shape with those wide-legged workout pants and the cotton T-shirt from college? Nah girl! Let the fashionista that you are, speak out loud in the gym too. Keeping it simple, and yet stylish is what we want for you. The gym is a place where your silhouette is showcased, and a good women’s sportswear top is the best way to be both comfortable, yet upbeat.

Let us begin with the colours and prints for 2018. Shades of pink, grey, black, blue, green and neon hues are the featured colours of 2018. The abstract prints, graphics, slogans, brandings and shiny textures are also in the 2018 hits. A fresh, unique and sexy look is what all of us need to aim for while achieving all our health goals. Here are a few activewear styles that you can rock at the gym this Spring season, and look flawlessly stylish:

1. The Simple, Classic Gym Look

A white t-shirt, grey stretchy sweat-leggings, with grey or black runners and hooded anorak is the most classic spring look that you can rock. It keeps you safe from the winds and the unexpected spring rains too.

2. The Neutral Look

A navy coloured women’s sports bra top, with grey or navy sweatpants, and pastel blue sneakers is another stylish, yet simple gym look to flaunt this spring season. If you are to hit the streets before you get to the gym in this look, I would suggest you to add a navy and white striped high neck long sleeved top.

3. The Happy Abstract Prints

Abstract print leggings paired with a contrasting basic women’s sports bra top is just the happiest gym fashion so far. To complete the look, add on a white sleeveless hoodie, and red runners. Trust me, this look is a head turner!

4. The Bright Black and Blue Look

Black gym pants and crop tops, with a dash of the bright blue sneakers, and a basic grey hoodie is another basic yet attractive gym look.

5. The Spring Sunnies!

Add a hint of freshness to your gym wear! Try on a sports bra top, athletic shorts with a kick of light blue colour. Add a neon pale yellow t-shirt to update this mono-coloured outfit. Rule the spring in colour!

6. All white!

Sport an all-white look with a dash of neon bright accessories. Maybe add neon shaded sneakers or a neon coloured wristwatch. Your skipping rope or yoga mat can also add more colour to you ensemble.

7. The dark themed!

Black coloured leggings with a hot pink or a violet tight fitted top, and a dark grey hoodie is a perfect look for the ones who like to keep it dark and mystical.

Try these gym-wear trends this spring and head to your fitness sessions in style. Turn those heads as you walk down the streets in your chic athletic gear. Update your wardrobe today and join the league of trendsetters!

Cat Clothing Trends

The ultimate basic piece of clothing, the T-shirt, has gone through several fashion evolutions. One of the ways that this is done is through cat shirts. No longer just reserved for feline lovers, more and more fashion-forward women are wearing their tees with jeans. They can even be paired with dressier skirts and even couture pieces.

Shirts can be the canvas for either a toned down statement outfit. In order to update the look, go for a shirt that deviates from the usual loose tee. Look for V-neck shirts for a sought-after style. One with a slightly loose silhouette oozes casual chic and feminine appeal. Another variation is to look for cat shirts that have loose necklines to allow for one side to drape over the shoulder.

Do not be constrained with male or female shirts. The ladies can slip on a cat shirt made for a male because the oversize style can be surprisingly sexy and chic. In fact, designers have caught on to this trend and now unisex and boyfriend-style shirts are readily available to women. The look can be interpreted by pairing it with soft and feminine scarf or a sleek, fitted pair of jeans. Depending on the accessories, the outfit can turn from lazy to polished, depending on the mood of the person.

Also, do not be turned off by shirts that have been around for a long time. The destroyed or distressed look is quite popular. Even worn out shirts that have been left at bottom drawers have a second lease at life. New styles and trends have made wearing these shirts acceptable, and more so, stylish. The subtly sheer materials can be quite refreshing and comfortable.

It is also a good idea to experiment with the lengths of the shirt. Ultra-long tees may be worn over leggings or skinny jeans. They may even be layered over shorter tees or cinched at the waist with a belt. The movement provided by the long tees is can be quite eye-catching. In contrast, short or baby tees can be worn with skirts or sailor pants for a classic look.

Finally, even cat shirts have not escaped the need to become more environmentally friendly. Look for shirts that are made out of organic cotton for a natural twist. Some shirts have incorporated recycled fibers or other materials in the shirt as a contribution to both style and the protection of the environment.

Two Ideas For A Contemporary Shalwar Kameez As A Summer Fashion Trend

The distinctive modern and in style fashions are the first choice of college-going girls. They prefer trendy looks to the traditional ones. Contemporary style is significantly different from the traditional style and is influenced by the trendsetter celebrities. Here are two things for a trendsetter girl to look beautiful this summer. They are:

1. Set the trend this summer by choosing the latest summer colors for 2010. Color is important not only for the design but to enhance charisma of your personality. This summer, coral shade has made a come back in the fashion scene. You can either adorn it with semi precious stones or sequins at Daman of kameez or just wear it with a nice hemming of a darker shade. For a combo, you can combine teal and coral together. If you prefer bright pink over orange shades, then try a combo of blush pink and mocha for your summer shalwar kameez.

2. This summer, cream cotton silk stole is going to be a fashion statement. The stole goes well along with all kinds of summer shades like coral, teal or blush pink. Wear it around the neck and down with subtle summer fabric. Trouser shalwar is still in fashion, as it looks very stylish on slim girls. In addition, if you prefer wide paincha, then select Punjabi shalwar for a modern and trendy look. Lightly embroidered plain Cotton or chiffon shalwar kameez with cotton silk stole and tote bag will give overall a unique contemporary look.

You can either surf online for the hot colors of summer or review fashion magazines to follow the fashion code this summer. Contemporary outfits accentuate your fashion sense and modern stylish looks.

Are Plus Size Casual Dresses As Big A Hit As They Say?

Trends have always been something people religiously follow. In the past for BBW (big and beautiful women), this was not really an option. For the longest time, we’ve seen full figured women walk around in malls and stores wearing baggy outfits. And one can understand why that is. When shopping for dresses there are a LOT of cute and beautiful ones, however the selection of plus size casual dresses was, well less than adequate.

Thank goodness some DID notice and did something about it. With today’s trendy collections, there are plus size casual dresses found in many retail stores. There are even some stores that cater exclusively for the BBW, supplying wonderful and beautifully made plus size casual dresses.

Today, BBW who like dressing up get to do just that. And they look great. With plus size casual dresses, full figured women can finally look cute and stylish. Trends and fashion have always been here, but for BBW that wasn’t always the case. So now that there are plus size casual dresses, it’s a great thing for full figured women to be excited about.

Plus size dresses give these lovely and curvy BBW the option to dress up and look cute every once in a while. The availability of plus size dresses also encourages these BBW to WANT to look good, which is another great thing about them.

Some BBW grew up believing that they will never look sexy or cute in any clothes and that’s a sad truth. But with plus size dresses they can be. And that’s great for full figured women everywhere to know and realize. And even though clothes don’t make the person, they sure do help.

Plus size casual dresses allow any curvy woman to love her body and her curves. And with the many different kinds of cute and sexy plus size casual dresses out there, it’s no wonder more and more fabulous BBW are coming out and dressing in style!

Whether it’s a simple dinner party with family and close friends or a night out in the town, plus size casual dresses will rise to the occasion. They are beautiful enough to wear to an event and yet its cut and style is simple enough to be worn out on a date.

The best thing about plus size casual dresses are that it lets BBW be who they are, allowing beautifully full figured women to express their sense of style and taste through their clothes. It’s a great way to express themselves creatively and artistically through their choice of outfits and different looks.

And with all the beautiful and cute plus size dresses available, it also gives these stylish and curvy women the freedom to mix and match, which is another fun thing that girls love to do.

But the best part of all is that all these plus size casual dresses are here and they’re here to stay. So all the fabulous BBW out there can say goodbye to their sweatpants and baggy t-shirts and say hello to fabulous outfits, cute accessories, and all that attention. Remember my plus size friends…fashion is not only for the skinny. It’s time to show the world that beauty is not just a size 2.