Popular Bikini Model

It’s that time of the year again; summer’s back and this is where all those months of dieting are finally going to pay off. So pick out a popular bikini that suits your body shape and hit the beach in style. And just in case you are confused about which bikini will suit your body type, here are a few pointers to help you on your way.

1. Small Bust Size: If you are a girl with a slightly smaller bust size, you might want to take a look at bikini tops with a slight amount of padding or a demi-bra type, underwire bikini that will enhance the look of your assets. Also, women with this body type can try on one of those cute looking, ruffled bikini tops or strapless bandeau tops that are all the rage right now.

2. Big Bust Size: For big busted women, it is advisable to wear halter-top bikinis which will not only give you a sexy cleavage, but also some much needed support.

3. Short Torso or Short Legs: If you have a short torso or short legs, you should go for an embellished or printed bikini top coupled with a solid color bottom. Doing so will draw the attention upward giving you a longer appearance.

4. Long Body: For those with a longer body shape, you should wear different types of embellishments like rings, jewels, bows and ruchings at the hips and bust line. You can also try horizontal or diagonal stripes and nappy fabrics like velvet or terry. Other add-ons, like boy shorts and ruffled bikini skirts, will also do wonders for your image.

5. Small Waist: If you have a small size waist, no problem, because you can look great in a bikini by adding some substance at the hips with ruffles, rings, folds, bows or ruchings. It’s also advisable to wear a solid, dark color bottom with a wild print job on your top bikini.

6. Wide Shoulders: For women with broad or wide shoulders, balance is the name of the game. It’s important to accentuate the bottom half of your torso while downplaying the top. Therefore one should wear moderate cut bikini bottoms that are full of colors and prints. You can also wear accessories such as belts, folds and sashes around your hips. Wide shoulder straps and square necklines will also work to help you look great.

7. Big Bottom: If you have been blessed with a voluptuous bottom, then the latest range of miniskirt-type bikinis will suit your just fine. Although you would want to stay away from the super frilly ones and go for the smooth skimming skirt that covers just enough instead. As far as the top is concerned you can also wear a ruffled or decorated bikini top although it will draw away some attention from your bottom.

8. Perfect Body: For those born with a perfect body shape and who work hard to maintain themselves, a scant, designer bikini is the way to go. Not every one can carry off such bikinis and if you’ve got it, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t flaunt it!

So, now that you’ve read all that you need to know about picking the right popular bikini for yourself, all you have to do is buy one and watch jaws dropping all around you at the beach!

Stay Trim Looking With a Man Girdle

This has been known as the metrosexual age. Men cared about the way they looked. Taking care of themselves was the most important thing to them. They could use a man girdle and look neat and trim.

Even though metro sexual has come and gone, the fact that men are taking care of themselves has not fallen to the wayside. When working out to get fit, a man girdle will help to keep the core strong. Anywhere a man has extra weight, the man girdle will keep those areas firm.

The most common types of man girdles are compression tanks, body shaping boxers and girdles. Each of these types of support garments offers good and bad points. You can wear more than one type of garment to get the maximum benefits of the support systems.

For full support of the torso and back then the compression tank is what you are looking for. It not only holds in the tummy, but it can keep larger man breasts from jiggling as well. Your back will be rewarded with protection too. This is a very discreet support garment that will not be visible underneath your clothes.

If the tummy is the only issue, then the underwear that is also a man girdle would be a great option. You will not have the same support for the upper torso as the compression tank. You can wear both to get full coverage and more support. When it comes to the girdle, it is the same basic style as a girdle for women.

Ladies are not the only sex that needs support for the torso. A girdle for men will offer them the same thinning properties that women love. You do not have to wear one garment to get the maximum benefits of a support garment.

Fascinating Facts About Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are one of the most well-known of caps and millions of people choose to wear them. They are worn by sportsmen and women along with rock stars and the general public and some cost just a few dollars while others are upwards of a thousand dollars or more. If you are a fan of these types of caps you might be interested in our fascinating facts.

The Truckers Baseball cap

Truckers love to wear baseball caps as the peak helps to shade their eyes when driving. But did you know that they wear caps that are made from mesh and foam?

First Team To Wear A Cap

Did you know that in baseball they used to either wear a straw hat or no hat? The baseball cap as we know it and which is worn by all players today was first introduced by the Brooklyn Excelsiors in 1860.

New Era Official Major League Baseball Caps

New Era supplies the official caps for the Major League Baseball and for the first time ever the design of the 59FIFTY cap has changed. It is now made entirely from polyester so as to ensure the head of the wearer stays dryer. It also features a sweatband in black for hiding stains and underneath the visor it is black to help reduce glare.

A Show Of Solidarity

The baseball cap was used to show solidarity following the Sept 11 bombings. People around the globe, not just the US, wore a Mets or Yankees cap to show solidarity for those who had lost their lives, along with the people of New York.

Babe Ruth’s Keep Cool Trick

Babe Ruth was undoubtedly one of the most famous of all players. Ruth used to keep a cabbage leaf that was wet under his cap and this helped to keep him cool when playing. It was said that Ruth would change the leaf for every 2 innings.

A Symbol of American Culture

The baseball cap symbolises American Culture but it didn’t always look like the hat we know of today. Originally it was designed without the visor and one of the first sportsmen to wear a hat with a visor was Babe Ruth.

Baseball Players Become National Heroes

During the 1920s and 1930s baseball players found status as national heroes and fans didn’t just wear their caps to support the team during a match, they started to wear them every day.

Will Wearing A Baseball Cap Make You Bald

Some people believe the saying that wearing a baseball cap can make you go bald. This however is a myth, even if you wear a cap for the majority of the day and most days of the week. To affect hair loss the cap would have to be so tight to the head that it actually pulled out the hair and it would be so tight that you would not be able to wear it.

Sheepskin Winter Boots Highlight Your Fashion-Savvy Show

Chic and functional, sheepskin footwear is still hip and trendy. Contemporary females never cease to pursue a decent look irrespective of everyday pressures. Busy schedules, commuting, managing career and family have done nothing to thwart the efforts of women to keep in style. It is true that ladies never bow to the pressured daily routine and on the contrary they become more and more conscious about the style and fashion. They are constantly seeking for ways to look special with the choicest garment group, elegant shoes and delicate make-up. Since sleek and versatile sheepskin motif has been all the rage for the past decades, it is noticed by stylish ladies to take advantages of this classic fashion sense to highlight their fashion-savvy show.

When this winter sets in and all heralds like chilly winds blowing and large heavy drops of rain falling down, ladies are given the hint to cuddle the cocooning feel of sheepskin winter boots. It is concluded when considering all the merits pertaining to these boots this style of boot covers all bases: they are the versatile shoes that can suit all occasions and pair with most outfits, come in the widest variety of styles and excel in both the fashion and comfort stakes.

As the “in” thing to style up your wardrobe, these boots will fulfill the aspiration of any style conscious woman. Sheepskin winter boots are perfect, low maintenance shoe to stay in fashion without too much effort. Even the dowdiest of outfits can be dressed up with a great pair of sheepskin winter boots and a laid-back, yet sophisticated look will be achieved to enhance that daily fashion expression. These boots can be accessorized in a multitude of ways, including tassels, toggles, laces, zips, folds, bows and buckles-each pair of boots can be tailored to the wearer simply by adding a touch of individual flare. The perfect pair of boots can help a woman make a hit in any fashion conscious crowd.

Regardless of the ever-changing fashion tendencies, these shoes can be always versatile to be worn with virtually any outfit. These shoes are also multifunctional: they can warm your feet indoor and boost that lazy feel with total freedom; they can be your ideal footwear for hiking fun-that is to say women can be equally as fashionable in their pajamas or while mountaineering as they can walking the catwalk. Such a diverse range of activities are enabled by these boots! That is really incredible.

Two thumbs up for these sheepskin winter boots! The furry sheepskin can never let you down all the time to boost your winter pleasure anytime and wherever you go.

How To Wear Soft Leather Pants

Fashion conscious people testify that soft leather pants are always style, however they sometimes are more popular than at other times. People should however ensure that they are right for them. Furthermore they need to be worn at the right occasions. There is so much to choose from and they must match the top that is worn.

Wearers should make sure they have the confidence to wear this clothing. There is no reason one should not feel confident, as with the right pair, everyone is able to look great in them. One should be clear as to why one wants to wear them. These can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. TV viewers are often able to see celebrities wearing these to really fancy events.

Naturally one is able to wear a nice casual pair for just hanging around in. One is able to buy fashion branded names and may even be able to obtain them at a discount. Many others yet buy a pair fake ones for next to nothing.

Depending on the style that is bought will dictate how one wears the pants. They come in a variety of colors and can be relaxed or really skin tight. Fake ones are made so well these days that they really feel like the real thing.

The discerning buyer will however buy the genuine article. This will last much longer and should give a better fit at the end of the day. They should fit just right, not too tight and certainly not to loose.

One can always keep a few pairs of soft leather pants in the closet for that occasion that requires these pants. Having two or three pairs will give one many options when going out on the town. When buying them check to see that the fit is really comfortable.

Suits – The Most Stylish Attire For Men

Are you the type of person who only wants to look the best? Do you want to project a stylish, classic and refined look? Then think formal dressing. Men look their best in formal attire and not many will deny that. Whether you are a first- level employee or the director of a company, wearing the latest attire in formal trend will give you the red carpet treatment you ought to have.

A well-fitting suit is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. And, if your work demands you to wear suits on daily basis, it’s worth the time and effort to invest in some good pieces depending on your lifestyle. First and foremost take care of the fit. Ill fitting jackets, loose ties, short pants or depleted footwear will not take you anywhere. You can wear the best of colors and style but if the fit is bad you can end up looking drab and dowdy. Remember, just nothing can beat an intelligent tailored look.

The market is flooded with numerous options in terms of style, design and color that are far from the humdrum. You can pick from a widespread array of formal wear outfits that range from ties to trousers to complement a suit.

Two-buttoned or three buttoned suits are timeless. Stick to classic colors such as black, grey and navy for they still exude an elegance that will always remain in fashion. But, it is also worth the effort to go beyond dull and monotonous colors to look elegant in a suit. However, the invariable trend in formal wear is for the most part in dark colors. The best being black which is timeless and can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion.

The key is to experiment with fashion and find out what fits and flatters your body. Last but not the least experiment but keep your style evolving!

Polo Shirts Sale Guide – Choose Your Own Shirt

Polo shirts are perennial favorites for casual and formal wear that lets you go out in fashion while maintaining comfort no matter what your activities may be. This flexible all-time apparel will definitely make your fashion sense a little more elegant with new designs and style for men and women. There are great choices for adults and kids designed and manufactured by leading apparel and clothing authorities.

Ralph Lauren is one of the most esteemed and established name in the polo manufacturing industry and has even set the trend for this clothing line. Hence, you would definitely get a wide array of new designs available with plunging price rates to perfectly fit your budget. Get exciting deals especially with the women’s polo shirts with pocket design in different arrays of color choices. This fashionable deal is perfect for women who are always on the go but still want to retain their chic and feminine look.

Under the same outstanding manufacturer also comes the men’s polo shirt collection which you could avail in super deals. From classic, stripe to pique variations, you also get fashionable wear for men as well as high quality and comfort. You will surely love the 100% cotton fabrics made for breathable cotton mesh and the ribbed knit cuffs and collars in most designs that made this apparel perfect for formal and casual occasions.

Get sophisticated and classic with Tommy Hilfiger polo shirts which are not only available in various designs and color but also made reachable for even the tightest budget. You could still enjoy the all-time favorite variations of this apparel figure in stripe, pique and trim fit types that suit your preferences and fashion. Most importantly, you are 100% sure that you get authentic and 100% comfort and high quality with every apparel you choose.

If you want trendy fashion with a twist of exciting prints and colors, you would certainly love the Nautica polo shirt collection. This apparel set is carefully crafted with the best and classic soft materials for utmost convenience and breathable wear. Moreover, the customized designs and features are made to fit your own fashion statement and preference. High quality is definitely equivocal to this brand with its embroidered details and flexibility for all occasions.

Other outstanding brands for polo shirts you could avail with discounted and super saving features include equally reliable and highly esteemed names such as Ed Hardy and dress polos. Search the web for online retailers to get the best deals that will surely fit your budget today. You will discover interesting and irresistible offers on brands and shirts from polo outlet stores and eBay. Most importantly, you get bonus features such as secure payment and free shipping from different suppliers with high quality products and apparels you are searching for.

It is truly high time that you invest on your clothing apparel especially on ones which are classic and fashionable at the same time. With the best collections of polo shirts sale today, finding the best packages and deals is just within your reach.

More information on polo shirts is available on our Polo Shirts Sale websites:

Frye Veronica Boot For Women – Hottest Styles 2009

The Frye Veronica Boot is one of the most sought-after styles of women’s boots in the entire Frye collection. This one general style of boot is offered with a number of different twists, a few of the styles are in such high demand that it can sometimes be difficult to find just the pair one is looking for.

Here are a few of the very hottest styles in the Frye Veronica Boot:

  • Veronica Slouch Boot – As the name implies, this boot has a bit of a “slouchy” look to it, with a fun buckled belt around the top of the boot shaft. The belt not only sets off the look, but allows for a custom fit.
  • Veronica Shortie Boot – A similar look to the Slouch Boot, this boot has a shorter 8 1/2″ shaft (while the Slouch has a higher 13 1/2″ shaft). Again, there is a buckled belt around the top of the boot shaft to add variety to the look.
  • Veronica Front Zip – This has a bit of a sleeker and simpler look, with a zip-up front and a shape and style that is well-known with all of the Frye Veronica Boot styles.
  • Veronica Harness Boot – This has the same feminine look with a rounded toe with a hard rock twist. The harness is wrapped around the ankle area of the boot, with silver-tone studs to really set them apart. One of the hottest fashion trends in footwear today.

Cost Information: Retail cost for the Frye Veronica Boot collection (depending on style and merchant) will run on average about $280 to $300. There are various merchants who commonly offer markdown prices and other merchants who offer it for a discount price.

Important Tips to Consider When Buying Embroidered Clothing

Buying embroidered clothing is not as easy as buying t-shirts. You have all the right to be picky. As much as possible you have to consider the design and the fit of course. With embroidered apparel, you can have as many choices as you can because the selection is endless and you can ask the clothes maker for customized types. Color and design preferences are a must. You can have different options for embroidery designs. You can also ask the dressmaker to do the designs you wish to see.

Select the Most Appropriate Fabric

Fabric is the most important thing to consider when having clothes sewn. The choice of fabric depends again on your preference, purpose, occasion, and climate or weather. If you want a garment with embroidery, you have to start with a good garment. A durable fabric makes a good garment. Embroidery usually looks better than prints. Prints could fade after a time. If you are particular with the thread, you can choose cotton, polyester, and rayon. Your vendor must know the difference.

Check the Price

As for any type of purchasing, the cost is important when considering which embroidered clothes to choose. If you are buying online, you can easily jump from one store to another and compare prices among different shops. Online sellers impose shipping charges on you, so you need to find out how much you are paying in all.

Look Into the Embroidery Design

The design and style of embroidery can affect the price. The more stitches needed and the more detailed the design, the more expensive an embroidered clothing becomes. You should really be aware of the costs, especially if you are buying plain clothes or tunics with embroidery. Try to go to a local clothes maker if you want embroidery designs on your plain garments. But if you want new embroidered dresses, you can go to a local boutique or you can go online to look for sellers on the web.

Choose Where the Embroidery Should Be

Tell the clothes maker where you want the embroidery should be located. The good thing about embroidery designs is that they can be done on any part of the clothing. If you are having your company logo embroidered, you can go for the classic side chest embroidery. Logo clothing may have embroidery on the sleeve or somewhere that can be easily seen.

Choose the Right Thread Hue

Have a good contrast between thread color and the background fabric color. If their colors are too close, the embroidered detail may not be noticeable. Be careful when you try to suggest something. Try to look for sample work to know if your suggestion looks good in the actuality. Sometimes good vendors or dressmakers will tell you which color combination would work and which would not. Pay attention because it is not always your preference that would count. For instance, if you want your company logo to be on the tunic or corporate attire, you have to make sure that it is as visible as possible. Do not have unrealistic expectations with the color of the embroidery on the fabric. Makers will match the colors as closely as the ones on your actual logo, but don’t expect colors to really match, especially if you have intricate patterns.

Many people agree that embroidery is much better than prints on clothes. Embroidered logo looks better than painted logo but make sure you find a good vendor that can do quality embroidery on any kind of fabric. Look for a tailoring service with good reputation. Ask friends if they can recommend a good tailoring company. Request for sample designs to have a good look of how well they handle embroidery.

The Difference Between a Casio Baby-G and a Casio G Shock Watch

Are you looking for the perfect watch that can stand up to your tough lifestyle? There are two that come to mind: the Casio Baby-G and the Casio G shock. These two watches are remarkably similar. They are both tough and durable. They can withstand large falls and impacts that other watches would crumble under. They can both be used in water, and they both have sleek designs that set them apart from other watches.

Their similarities make sense, though. After all, the Baby-G is just a smaller version of the G shock. Despite their similarities, however, there are a few unique differences you should consider before you decide to make a purchase.

Analyzing the Differences

  • Men vs. Women – One of the biggest differences between these two watches is that the G shock is made for men, and the Baby-G is made for women. The sizes of the straps and the watch’s face are different because of this. The Baby-G’s face is generally about the same in length, but it is usually not as deep as the men’s version of the watch.
  • Water Resistance – A G shock watch is generally (although not always) water resistant for up to 200 meters. While some Baby-G’s are as well, many are only resistant for up to 100 meters. Unless your favourite activity is snorkelling or deep sea diving, however, this should not be a problem.
  • Colour – The men’s version of this watch generally comes in very few colours, like black, red, silver, gray, and white. The women’s version, however, is much more colourful. You can find these watches in red, pink, green, white, purple, black, blue, and silver. This allows women to pick and choose different and vibrant colours to match any outfit they put on.

What do These Watches Have in Common?

Aside from their sleek look and unmatchable durability, these two watch styles have several features in common, including:

  • Temperature resistance – Some of the watches can withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius.
  • Electro-luminescent backlight – The backlight on these two types of watches allows you to enjoy them anytime- no matter what time of day it is.
  • Auto-Calendar – These Casio watches are programmed so you will not only know the time, but the date as well. While the number of years the auto-calendar is programmed until will vary, depending on the exact version you purchase, some are programmed all the way until 2099.
  • Long Battery Life – The Casio G shock and Baby-G both come with long-lasting batteries. You can use these watches for up to two years before you need to replace them.
  • Stopwatch – Are you in training or simply trying to lose weight? These watches can help with one hour countdown timers, complete with an auto-repeat option, and a one hour stopwatch.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you are going to enjoy all of the unique features available to you from Casio’s line of G shock watches. If you are a woman, you can enjoy the traditional G shock gives a masculine flair and has all the bells and whistles you need, and if you are a woman, you can enjoy all the same great features, but with a more feminine and colourful accessory.