3 Ways to Re-Style Those Old Jeans

Jeans can last for quite some time, even when they’ve passed their trend prime, which is why we need more ways to utilize our long-wearing jeans. Take those old jeans and revamp them into something brand new for absolutely no cost.

Full-length into capris

The easiest way to change a style is to simply roll up the legs. If they were long to start and were best worn with a slight heal, just roll them up once or twice for a classic Americana style. If they are just floor length with flat shoes, keep rolling them up just above the ankle for an Audrey Hepburn length look. Of course, the tighter the jeans, the harder this will be to do. For a drastic measure, grab the scissors and turn them into permanent capris.


Keep those scissors handy. For even more drama, cut the pants off completely for some shorts. This is really only doable if the jeans aren’t super tight. Cut-off skinny jeans might be less flattering than you would have hoped. With the scissors in your hand, you get to choose the length. If the store only offers too short of shorts, make the crop a little longer. Knee-length is board shorts style. Finger tip length is classic school rules and anything above is wherever you want to take it.

Jean Skirt

You can literally make your own jeans skirt. Have a sewing machine or strong fabric tape or glue on hand for this little project. Simply cut the jeans to the desired length, open up the inseam and sew or tape the inseams together. Trim off the excess and you’ve got yourself a made to perfection jean skirt.

A little tip is to always cut a little bit at a time. The rule has always been, you can always cut more, but once it’s cut off, you can’t add it back. Unless you want a patchwork look and in that case, cut away.