Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015

Let it be that milestone moment of Donatella Versace sitting front row for Vaccarello’s first collection, since officially being appointed Versus Versace creative director, to begin Paris Fashion Week F/W 2015. Unlike New York fashion week’s oversize jumpers shrugging loosely over models’ shoulders, Paris seemed to reside in the tailored world of blacks. Vaccarello’s recent travels to the American West brought a, somewhat, rock ‘n’ roll vibe, where subtle, and not-so-subtle, metal stars encroach on the dresses of the collection. However, Vaccarello’s signature cutouts became a focal point – slim industrialized half-belts resting on the waist and the harsh angular shoulders formed the dominatrix attitude that now proceeds to challenge the sensuality of Italian craftsmanship.

Disproportionate wafts of felt, poplin, ribbed knits and corduroy stitched together, as a na├»ve youth would have done in Kindergarten art class, came hand in hand with the bare breasted models of Parisian fashion label Jacquemus’ collection. Unlike the usual orange pink hues and geometric aptitude of designer Simon Porte, this Fall collection dwells in the far-from-systematic realms of fashion land, where his style of dilapidated chaos is swooned over. Nevertheless, this seemingly childish parcel of amusement had an added visionary texture. Berlin-based photographer Sebastian Bieniek’s “Doublefaced” series was central inspiration in Lyne Desnoyers, MAC makeup artist’s, graphic kohl facial art that endearingly complimented the abstract jigsaw puzzle atmosphere.


Camouflaging in the psychedelic realm that could easily be mistaken for the sixties, Raf Simons’, of Dior, F/W 2015 collection traversed into an intoxicating vibrancy that could only be described as an ode to Austin Power’s infamous mojo. One of which radiated sexuality, nevertheless, subdued in the refined tailoring of Dior craftsmanship. A skintight suit of fluorescent orange, moss green and white marbling, sultry in stature, is definitely not for the faint-hearted. While the acrylic-like mesh high neck, sleeveless tops in washed greens and pinks were paired with ink blotted mid calf skirts, broke up the bright colour blocking and brought back elements of the clean-cut atmosphere from Spring 2015 Ready-to-wear.

On another note, however, Simon’s collaborative effort with Danish Textile Company Kvadrat came with a sophisticated tweak, as androgynous suits and F/W coats were constructed with tweed combinations of soft pastels and condiment colours of mustard and tomato.

Although, in this ordered disorder of fanciful design, what seemed to be the focus, and presumably the next style phenomenon in the 2015 fashion game, was the vinyl knee-high and ankle boots. Paired with the seemingly Veruschka-like inspired doll-eyed, “color-blocked arches of opaque eye shadow”, the collection of boots glossed there way up to the pinnacle of fashion heaven.


Pleats, stripes and diamond tassels are back, according to Oliver Rousteing of world-renowned fashion label Balmain. With a fifty-piece collection, Rousteing took an alternate route after last years Fall/Winter khaki and leather basket weave constructions.

The recent Fall/Winter 2015 collection, however, “celebrate[s] that Parisian tradition as well as the evolution of [the] city into a truly global melting pot.” This collection is of passionate colour, not only visually but also conceptually. At first glance, under the dim yellow hues of the runway lights, the seventies inspired flares and breaths of diamond-stringed fabric in coral, mustard and fuchsia seemed to be one of the cool and groovy nature. However, Rousteing released a statement to journalists where he spoke about recent events in Paris, and so, “that open-minded spirit” and “defending essential liberties” is a driving force of the seventies inspired diversity and strength.

Each design came out empowering and unwavering; nevertheless, still bringing a soft pleated touch in the high-waist pants and the envious gleam of the audiences’ eyes seemed to reflect off the kaleidoscopic copper-beaded fringing. One cannot fault the precision to detail and pure talent of such an influential designer in our generation, one that will continue, year after year, to incite, intrigue and shock the fashion world.


Women’s Clothing Shops

Women’s clothing sells much faster and more frequently than men’s clothing, so it’s only natural that women’s clothing shops are more predominant than men’s clothing shops. But some women’s clothing shops are too expensive, despite the trendy and popular clothing they might display. Who can afford to pay designer prices just to look good?

Some of the trendiest fashions can be found in smaller shops that boast inexpensive fashions, though many of the labels may not bear recognizable names. These smaller shops are mostly found in strip malls. The women’s clothing shops found in large mall always have very high prices, and it isn’t worth the time and effort to go out to the mall to spend a lot more money. The smaller women’s clothing shops in strip malls carry all the great fashions that trendy women craze, at low prices the designer labels wouldn’t ever charge.

Plus Sized Women’s Clothing Shops

In a world that seems to be all about the slender and the small, full-sized women have trouble finding fashionable, affordable clothing that suits their sense of style. Just because you’re a big girl doesn’t mean you don’t want to look good, a fact that many of the hip stores seem to totally ignore.

However, many of the smaller, fashion-driven women’s clothing shops do have a plus-sized section. Some small stores even devote themselves entirely to plus-sized women’s clothing. Look for these stores not at the large malls, where prices are expensive, but near and around large department stores. These small, out-of-the-way shops often have beautiful fashions for big girls at prices that anyone can afford.

Used Women’s Clothing Shops

Gently used women’s clothing shops are springing up all over the country. More and more, used women’s clothing shops that specialize only in trendy, fashionable clothing are appearing in hip shopping areas. Look for these shops, which will usually be smaller than the average used clothing store, about the size of a boutique. Here you’ll find beautiful, affordable fashions that are in style. And no one will know that they’ve been gently used, so you’ll be able to afford more and fashionable clothing.

Tips for Shopping in Women’s Clothing Shops

If you really want to get more for your dollar, you’ll visit the clearance and sales racks in women’s clothing shops first. True, a lot of these are going to be last year’s fashions in a collection of sizes that are rarely bought, but it’s worth a look for that rare find. Sale and clearance items are wonderful, because you’re able to buy more with less money.

Buying more is the secret of using women’s clothing shops. Women’s clothing, especially fashionable clothing, can be very expensive. But everyone wants to look good despite the size of their wallet, so look for sales and you may just find something wonderful. All women just want to look pretty and fashionable, in comfortable clothes that they can get good use out of. Learn how to shop and what to look for in women’s clothing shops, and you can look great without spending a fortune.

There are so many women’s clothing shops to choose from, don’t settle on just one. Shops around for the best deals and best clothes, and that’s exactly what you’ll find. Women’s clothing shops don’t have to overwhelm you, if you know what you’re doing and you know what you want to spend.

Forex Trend Direction Charting Software Product Review – Does it Bring Profits?

This is product review of three forex charting Software programs. This product is designed to help struggling Forex traders to be profitable in the Forex Currency market. The Forex market is a currency trading market where there is a great opportunity to make large profits but it is a challenging market and the reality is that most traders lose money. So that is where this software comes in, the software is designed to help traders in the challenging Forex market.

In this article I will first explain what the charting software does than I will write the review for the software.

Review of ProAct Traders Charting Software

The Forex market behaves in three different modes: Ranges, Reverses or Trends and the software helps traders to identify what is happening in the market and how to trade at that time. The software gives the trader rules and a system to follow for entering trades. The software also has visual indicators that allows the trader to easily follow the rules. The software has 3 different sets of rule for each mode that the market is operating in. In addition to having charting software the charts come with live instructors that teach subscribers how to trader everyday that the market is open. The goal is to teach traders to learn to trade the Forex market.


I would rate this product as excellent because the software delivers what it promises. That means that the software gives traders the help they need to learn the Forex market. The first thing that must be mentioned is the integrity of the people of the company, their motto is “no trader left behind” and they live that motto. They put the time in to teach traders how to trade and not just how to follow their signal. I highly recommend this product because the people are what make the software work.

I rate the functionality of the software as excellent because the trading rules work and keep traders in trades longer. The rules find harmony in the market and the rules take advantage of the harmony. The software also notes when large amounts of money come into or out of a currency which enables traders to know when the large investors enter trades which enables traders to trade along side professional traders.

There is one negative point which I will mention and that is that the charts crash quite often. When that happens the program automatically closes and I have to open the software again. It is a pain to deal with but with all the benefits and the fact that the traders teach me to trade over rides that software glitch.

Overall, I rate this product a 9 out of 10 because the charts deliver on the promise of helping Forex traders. The charts are easy to use and understand and the rules to the trades are clearly stated. I recommend this product to anyone that has had difficulty in achieving profitability in their Forex trading. This product is worth every minute of time and money invested to those who have a willingness to be Forex traders.

Jigaro Fibonacci Market Timer

Pros of Jigaro:

This application is easy to use and possesses some features such as Fibonacci charting, retracement calculations and projection calculations. It is free.

Jigaro Fibonacci Market Timer Cons:

Since the application is based on a few theories, the analysis of the application will recover may be not as detailed or accurate as other tools.

Overview of Jigaro Market Timer:

The Jigaro Fibonacci Market Timer can be downloaded for free on the applications website. Also if you would like to know more information about this tool and how to use it on the Jigaro site. As Jigaro uses limited technical analysis it is best used to supplement an existing trading strategy. Rating 6 out of ten stars

FX Money Map Signal Review

Overall, FX Money Map is easy to use and bases analysis on Fibonacci levels. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of variety in analysis or confirmation in trading signals. To rent the trading system, it is $1995 for 3 months. To purchase FX Money Map, it is $4995 for a lifetime subscription. I rate this 5 out of ten stars.

FXMoney Map Pros

Uses Fibonacci levels

Uses multiple time frames

Easy to use

Free trading webinars with purchase

FX Money Map Cons

Very little trade confirmation

Trading details not provided

Grids can be confusing


Results not proven

Urban Wear and How Does It Differ?

Urban wear can be called a fashion style that mixes culture, lifestyles and ideas. Urban fashion breaks away from the mainstream by adopting precisely that personality by not necessarily conforming to the trends. Even though it has been said that urban fashion originated in New York, it easily spread and developed integrating impacts from Europe, Asian, Caribbean and African cultures in addition to a variety of music genre like hip hop, punk, rock, and even indie music in the process.

Urban clothing line also holds the reality of things. The design and idea of urban fashion can help you wear them on a normal day. It is also known as the fashion of the streets. But urban fashion isn’t street wear. The latter is often linked to classic sneakers and school attire that in some locations have developed into the punks, Gothic and hippies subcultures. Urban trend is more edgy and frequently includes the words “practical”, “functional” and “comfortable”. Urban clothing is light but they need to be long-lasting and look great too.

The idea is create a clothing line that can work nicely in normal urban environment. The classy and lavish mainstream fashion produces rigid, formal and even stifling clothing not very suitable in an atmosphere where you have to transfer and conform speedily to evolving conditions. And since each and every urban environment is a little unique, urban styles are different from city to city. Consider the urban style of Japan for instance. Innovative styles, the application of the most practical of components and the unique pairing of personal and commercial designs characterize their urban clothes. You can find in Japan style subcultures like Lolita, Gothic and the now popular cosplay fashion style.

Talking about culture, the distinctions of urban fashion around the world is highly specific. Mainly because urban fashion is rooted on culture, the kind of urban clothes in one country holds the influences of their specific culture. For instance, at one point in the American urban fashion scene hip hop artists which generally are African-Americans dove into their African ethnic heritage and borrowed a lot of elements and integrated them in their clothes. The very loose and baggy pants, the application of African bright color combinations, the use of African designs were in those days became a trend among artists and trickled into the customers.

To sum it up, urban wear and exactly how does it differ lies largely within the cultural heritage of the place and their originality. Compared to the popular and traditional fashion style, urban wear is more useful with emphasis on comfort, individuality and aesthetics. The styles also focus on the wants of the typical urban dweller and adhere to no fixed rules that we know of.

Braided Hair Styles in 2008

The braided hair styles have been introduced and influenced by the African American culture. In 2008 these braided hair styles can be proudly worn as they will not go out of fashion. These styles are available in multiple variants, both for men and women and will give a plus of creativity to your look. Also, if you say braids, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have long or medium sized hair. The braided hair styles are available for short hair also. This style is suitable for all age ranges, so just get them if you like the idea. Getting such a hair style may be a lengthy process, as it involves a lot of work, according to your requirements and the length of your hair. It will also be expensive, but the entire process is a work of art.

Style ideas

The braided hair styles are numerous. So, if you are thinking of getting such a hair style, you will have to think about which type you will pick out for yourself. There are simple braids, suitable for younger people and children, micro braids which are more complicated to make, but which may be short or long, there’s also the tight braid style, and short braided styles for men, elegant looking braids, more casual looking braids, there are even braids with beads included in the art work. So, choose a style that you would like to have and wear it in 2008. If you choose to put beads in your braids as well, you can choose the colors you like and will add a plus of color to the appearance of your hair. You will be appreciated and feel good with such an original hair style. Don’t worry about the maintenance of such a hair style; it is not so difficult to maintain at all. You will be able to wash and clean your hair on a regular basis and when you think you want to get rid of the braids, this will also be possible without cutting your hair.

Visit your hairdresser for braided hair styles

So, if you have decided on several braided hair styles and you don’t know which one to choose, you can upload your picture on a web site that will show you the way you look with diverse braided styles, so that your decision will be easier to take. You will be able to find numerous such web sites on the Internet. The next step is for you to go to your hairdresser’s and tell them how you would like your hair to be. Then just sit and wait while one of the lovely braided hair styles will be made to you. Wearing such a hair style you will make you special and original.

Prom Night – Ways to Look Different Without Looking Like a Freak

Staying up on the latest fashions is a full time job. You have to track who’s wearing what and where, and sort through what’s real fashion and what’s just a fad.

The latest trends are often appealing for their novelty and shock value. They let you stand out from the crowd while donning the runway fashions that dominate high fashion magazines. Implementing them is like walking a tightrope, though. Just enough and you look fabulous, too much and you look like a freak.

Examine the fashion

Some high fashion trends are so blatant you know to avoid them. Glittery magenta fairy wings? Probably not the best things to wear to prom. While you can look at the obvious trends that you must avoid and know to skip them, you may misjudge the ones that seem just a little wacky as appropriate prom fare.

Before you put on the latest runway trend, ask yourself, are my friends going to uncomfortably tell me it looks “fine”? If I put this on, is my sister going to stifle a laugh? Would my grandma ask if I need her to repair it? There’s a huge difference between expressing your unique style and going over the top. If you think your nearest and dearest who know you best would have trouble accepting the fashion as not completely bizarre, you should probably scale it back.

Keep the high fashion to a minimum

Any fashionista will tell you that accessories are your best friend. Not only are they versatile and reusable, they are changeable. When it comes to wearing uniquely you fashions, this means that half way through the night, when you begin to doubt whether or not your style choice was appropriate or just plain weird, you can take off the gigantic necklace and stick it in your bag. By limiting the extreme fashion experiments to accessories, you can easily extract yourself from those uncomfortable fashion moments.

Obviously, you can’t do this with your clothing. Instead of looking for over the top dresses, choose something stylish but mainstream. Use the dress as your canvas, and spice up your outfit with crazy, straight from the runway accessories. You’ll be able to make a statement about your different fashion sense, without being tied down to a potential prom disaster.

Make sure you really like it

It should go without saying, but sometimes we can get caught up in new fashions out of a pure sense of rebellion. We want to really stand out from the crowd, but don’t want to do so through the traditional means. Unfortunately, these fashion choices inevitably fall under the category of it seemed like a good idea at the time. If you think that you’re choosing an outfit something solely for the ability to stand out from the crowd, you should choose something else.

The Original Designer Fashions, Or Why Do We Wear Clothes?

Let’s think about why we wore clothes today-warmth, protection, just plain common sense, cultural expectations. But does the Bible give us any clues about why we wear clothes?    

Ken Ham, a well-known biblical creationist, teaches that the first eleven chapters of Genesis provide the basis for all the principles of Christian doctrine. So let’s go to this book of beginnings to look for the answer to our question “Why do we wear clothes?”.

In the Beginning


As believers in Christ, we have the story of creation laid out for us very plainly in Genesis. We know that in chapters 1 and 2 God created the heavens and the earth, formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, proclaimed that it is not good for man to be alone, and created a suitable helper for Adam. Adam said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman, for she was taken out of man.”


The verse I would like to focus on is Genesis 2:25: “The man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.”


We can only imagine the situation: Adam and Eve were created by a perfect Creator and placed in a perfect environment. They had no knowledge of anything evil; they walked with God in the garden and communed with Him directly; they had no reason to be ashamed or to feel shame at being unclothed. There was nothing impure about the situation.


I don’t know how long Adam and Eve were privileged to enjoy such a pure existence, but the serpent entered the picture and preyed upon the naivety of Eve by enticing her to eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. She then led Adam into sharing in the sin.


This disobedience broke their perfect relationship with God, and suddenly the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked (Genesis 3:7). Their shame at this knowledge caused them to feel the need to cover themselves. Their plan was to sew together fig leaves to make aprons for themselves, thus covering their private parts. When God came to walk with them in the cool of the day they were so ashamed that they hid from Him.


Do you think He already knew what they had done? They needed to say and God needed to hear them say what they had done to break this wonderful fellowship they had enjoyed. So He got right to the heart of the matter, not commenting on their manner of covering their sin, but rather dealt with the sin that had been committed. Punishment was pronounced immediately.

From Master Creator to Master Designer


Then the Master Creator became the Master Designer as He made garments of skin for Adam and Eve. You might say they had the original Designer clothes! Here we see the first blood sacrifice for sin, as one or more animals would have had to be killed to make the coverings for Adam and Eve. Most authorities agree that the meaning of the word translated “garment” in Gen. 3:21 indicates a piece of clothing which covered the body at least from the neck to the knees. God’s plan was not the same as Adam and Eve’s plan!              


In the following devotions, we are going to explore more about clothing and fashions, and what the Bible and other Christians have to say about how we dress.  Right now I would like to pose the question to all of us as girls, young ladies, and women:  Are we, like Eve, offering forbidden fruit by dressing in a way that does not match the original Designer’s plan? Although men have the responsibility to control themselves, are we placing temptations in front of them that will cause them to desire what they should not desire?

Let’s pray. “Father, You know the heart of each one in this room. You know the innocence, the naivety, as well as the sinfulness. Please speak to us in the language we can understand and show us how we can improve in our presentation of this feminine body You created. Help us to enjoy our time together learning how to use our creativity to honor You. We commit ourselves to You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Fashion Designer Profile: Carolina Herrera

Venezuelan born Carolina Herrera began her career as a style icon when her friend Count Rudi Crespi and fashion bastion Diana Vreeland introduced her to design. Now an American citizen, based in New York since 1980, she is not only world renowned for her creations but she is known also for her sense of style, having been named as one of the best dressed women in the world.

Her elegant, classic taste has made her a firm favourite on the social circuit, and her designs are known for their opulence and luxury. Her use of fabrics – and especially furs – prove her expertise in manipulating fabrics and materials, always achieving an effortlessly chic look to which her global audience of fans remain loyal.

But it is perhaps her clientele list which speaks the most for her pedigree as one of the top international fashion designers. Oscar winners and famous musicians alike have been dressed by Herrera, but perhaps her most revered creation was for the legendary Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Today, Herrera’s empire includes ready-to-wear seasonal collections, global stores, fragrances, the CH Harolina Herrera brand, and six flagship boutiques, the most recent opening in her home town of Caracas in October 2011. Her collections have earned her the respect of designers working in both women’s and men’s fur fashion worldwide, but her aspiration has not come at the expense of her family. Herrera has four daughters, with two from her first marriage to Guillermo Behrens Tello and two from her second marriage to Vanity Fair magazine’s special-projects editor, Reinaldo Herrera Guevara.

Throughout her career, Herrera has won her fair share of awards, honours, and glory. Remaining a celebrated designer as well as a Goodwill Ambassador for IIMSAM to this day, she won the “Mercedez-Benz Presents” award for her Spring/Summer collection in 2011 and was named Womenswear Designer of the Year in 2004. Receiving The International Centre in New York’s Award of Excellence as well as Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award, perhaps still yet more prestigious was the Spanish Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts, presented by the King of Spain in 2002.

“I love the idea of elegance and intricacy, but whether it is in a piece of clothing or a fragrance, the intricacy must appear as simplicity,” Herrera is known for once saying. And never more is this so readily displayed than in her own exquisite creations.

Fashion Journalism

The world is largely turning into a foothold for a number of fashions and there is enough reason to trust the word for forecasts regarding the prowess that the fashion industry is going to achieve in the years that are to come. Expectations are soaring high and the fashion industry is bound for higher dominions in the coming years and people are sure to be taken into its holds in the times that are ahead of the world. People have a lot of money nowadays and are usually in the mood to pay the requisite sum for the purchase of items, which they think, are essential for their closet.

People are dependent on journalism for the better part of their market knowledge and statistics have proven that the market for advertised and discussed fashion accessories is much greater than that of well designed products that are merely placed in the markets for sale. There was a time when people would look at magazine back page covers to learn the names of new clothes that have been launched in the market to put on a worldly face in the company of friends and other acquaintances.

The surge of monetary supply in the market has made things more buyable to all people and journalism has been paying its dues in this ground as well. The fashion conscious world is buying into the idea of leafing through specially designed fashion magazines for the appraisal of products that might have a universal fervor of sorts.

Fashion journalism has become a specific field of study and has taken on larger than life perspectives in the recent years and people have taken a lot of pains to master themselves in the group to make it big here. So, are you ready to join the bandwagon or…?

Swim Suit Fashion in 2007 and in the Early Times!

Swim suits worn by American women have certainly come a long way since the late nineteen century era, when women had to cover up by wearing specially designed woolen swim dresses. Modesty had to be upheld at all costs, and trying to stay afloat wearing this type of swim suit would have been so very difficult as all the layers became waterlogged. Wouldn’t these women be shocked to see the latest trend in swim suits today, particularly the thong bikini which is regarded as the sexiest and stylish of all swim wear?

Swimsuits and designer swim wear caters for an enormous variety of shapes and sizes. Swim suits have to stretch over bulges and bumps and still look attractive when the mission is accomplished. This can be no mean feat when we take a cross section of the population and put a swim suit on them. Most of us at some stage in our lives will own a swim suit, whether it is a child’s swim suit or a swim suit for a teenager or adult. The opportunity does come along where we can visit the beach or a pool where a swim suit will be a necessity. When choosing a tonkini there are rules that one should follow so that your swim suit will be as flattering to your shape as possible. Not many of us are fortunate enough to own the body of a swim suit model, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t look good.

Now the latest fashion trends and in swim suits and swimwear mode can be seen in bikinis, bandinis, tankinis and of course the classic one piece swim suits. Bathing wear doesn’t have to be brief to look good; some of the one piece swim suits can look even sexier leaving a little more to the imagination.

Getting a qualified sales attendant to help with styles is always valuable when buying a swim suit as they know which cut is more flattering to which figure type. Things like the cut of the leg are really important when buying a new one-piece tonkini. Design also plays a very important role in beachwear, large floral designs will not look so good on the larger figure, and nor will horizontal stripes. Color is also very important in swimsuits. White looks great with a tan, but it will be very difficult to keep it looking like new. We all would like to look good in a swim suit, and choosing a swimsuit is easy with the huge range of styles available. Not only that, but swimwear is made to suit any budget, if you can afford diamond trimmed bikinis then you will be able to find them.

Taking note of care instructions when you purchase your beachwear will prolong its life. Chlorinated water from swimming pools is fairly damaging to swim suits and should be rinsed out. Fading and eventual rotting of the elastine will be the result of neglect. On the whole though, swim suits are one item that are very easy to care for, as they need minimal washing usually just a good rinse will do.

I’ll see you parading on Florida’s beaches this summer, 2007!