Fall Fashion Tips for Him

This year’s fashion trends for men are following the same path as last year with a few new twists. Preppy is still in but don’t pull out your old high school cardigan. The styles have been smartened up a bit. Argyle sweaters are back again this year along with cardigans and sweater vests. Pair them with suits, sports jackets or a pea coat. The western look is also in but don’t overdo it. This is still the east coast.

The season’s male fashions continue with paisley, checks, plaids and even florals for men’s button down shirts. Pair these with black chinos (yes it says black not khaki) or grey jeans (the new in color for men

And speaking of color, dark reds, black, navy and purple in addition to grey are making the scene for men this fall. If you aren’t brave enough to wear a purple shirt, then try it in accessories like a tie. Grey is back in a big way in the grey suit. Pinstripes are still going strong but grey flannel suits are in with a vengeance.

The other “in” fabric this season is velvet even for men, but if that is a little too over the top for you, then stick with corduroy.

No matter what you do for fall fashion, be comfortable, be yourself and look good!