Frye Veronica Boot For Women – Hottest Styles 2009

The Frye Veronica Boot is one of the most sought-after styles of women’s boots in the entire Frye collection. This one general style of boot is offered with a number of different twists, a few of the styles are in such high demand that it can sometimes be difficult to find just the pair one is looking for.

Here are a few of the very hottest styles in the Frye Veronica Boot:

  • Veronica Slouch Boot – As the name implies, this boot has a bit of a “slouchy” look to it, with a fun buckled belt around the top of the boot shaft. The belt not only sets off the look, but allows for a custom fit.
  • Veronica Shortie Boot – A similar look to the Slouch Boot, this boot has a shorter 8 1/2″ shaft (while the Slouch has a higher 13 1/2″ shaft). Again, there is a buckled belt around the top of the boot shaft to add variety to the look.
  • Veronica Front Zip – This has a bit of a sleeker and simpler look, with a zip-up front and a shape and style that is well-known with all of the Frye Veronica Boot styles.
  • Veronica Harness Boot – This has the same feminine look with a rounded toe with a hard rock twist. The harness is wrapped around the ankle area of the boot, with silver-tone studs to really set them apart. One of the hottest fashion trends in footwear today.

Cost Information: Retail cost for the Frye Veronica Boot collection (depending on style and merchant) will run on average about $280 to $300. There are various merchants who commonly offer markdown prices and other merchants who offer it for a discount price.