Prom Night – Ways to Look Different Without Looking Like a Freak

Staying up on the latest fashions is a full time job. You have to track who’s wearing what and where, and sort through what’s real fashion and what’s just a fad.

The latest trends are often appealing for their novelty and shock value. They let you stand out from the crowd while donning the runway fashions that dominate high fashion magazines. Implementing them is like walking a tightrope, though. Just enough and you look fabulous, too much and you look like a freak.

Examine the fashion

Some high fashion trends are so blatant you know to avoid them. Glittery magenta fairy wings? Probably not the best things to wear to prom. While you can look at the obvious trends that you must avoid and know to skip them, you may misjudge the ones that seem just a little wacky as appropriate prom fare.

Before you put on the latest runway trend, ask yourself, are my friends going to uncomfortably tell me it looks “fine”? If I put this on, is my sister going to stifle a laugh? Would my grandma ask if I need her to repair it? There’s a huge difference between expressing your unique style and going over the top. If you think your nearest and dearest who know you best would have trouble accepting the fashion as not completely bizarre, you should probably scale it back.

Keep the high fashion to a minimum

Any fashionista will tell you that accessories are your best friend. Not only are they versatile and reusable, they are changeable. When it comes to wearing uniquely you fashions, this means that half way through the night, when you begin to doubt whether or not your style choice was appropriate or just plain weird, you can take off the gigantic necklace and stick it in your bag. By limiting the extreme fashion experiments to accessories, you can easily extract yourself from those uncomfortable fashion moments.

Obviously, you can’t do this with your clothing. Instead of looking for over the top dresses, choose something stylish but mainstream. Use the dress as your canvas, and spice up your outfit with crazy, straight from the runway accessories. You’ll be able to make a statement about your different fashion sense, without being tied down to a potential prom disaster.

Make sure you really like it

It should go without saying, but sometimes we can get caught up in new fashions out of a pure sense of rebellion. We want to really stand out from the crowd, but don’t want to do so through the traditional means. Unfortunately, these fashion choices inevitably fall under the category of it seemed like a good idea at the time. If you think that you’re choosing an outfit something solely for the ability to stand out from the crowd, you should choose something else.