Women’s Knitwear – Perfect for Winter and Spring

As you may be aware, knitwear is becoming ever more popular in the fashion industry. What was once seen as gaudy and frumpy – like what your grandma might of once made you wear – is nothing compared to the truly inspired knitwear styles now available.

It is important to make this distinction, knitwear does not have to mean old fashioned and devoid of shape and style. In fact if anything it can be the total reverse, giving definition and a stylised look.

This look is increasingly popular during the Winter, as is traditional, yet it is also creeping further forward in to Spring fashion too. These trends look to continue for the coming year, with a vast array of knitwear ranges being sold across the globe.

Typically knitwear items are associated with older people, due to this some people are resisting the changes in fashion. This is a mistake to make however, and anyone truly wanting to stay on the fashion curve need to embrace knitwear. It is something to be enjoyed, to be worn with love and warmth.

Talking of warmth – Little will keep you as warm during the cold Winter and Spring months as knitwear items will. This is because the materials are typically much more thick and retain more heat from your body. Staying warm is simply a matter of pulling on a lovely cardigan or knitted tunic.

As for the colours you go for, you will want to keep things subdued this Winter. Stick to blacks, off-whites and all the shades of grey. These muted tones will help keep your skin looking radiant even during the cold months – something which more pastel colours might drown out.

Once Spring is upon us, you can start delving in to more varied colour schemes and choices. You should still avoid too vibrant colours however. Stick to faded lavender or violet, khakis and muted browns. These will give you a more natural and earthly look, perfect for Spring, yet not overwhelming like bright reds or yellows.

This is not to say that vibrant colours do not work well on women’s knitwear. A vibrant red cardigan can look fantastic, but it will need to be combined with a black top or something else dark – this will tone down its bright colours, making your look feel more grounded.

At the end of the day, when it comes to any fashion styles or trends, it is all about the confidence. You can pull off a far greater variety of looks and styles, if you give yourself the confidence to do so. If you find yourself being uncomfortable around new styles, then start small.

Wearing a women’s knitwear top indoors when sitting around may just help you get comfortable with it. Eventually you will have no troubles at all showing your look off in public. It is all a matter of experimentation. See what works for you, and see what doesn’t. If you are trying all of these things in the comfort of your own home, you will have a far greater level of courage.